This forum was introduced to give players a centralized location to comment on text and language-related issues found within the English version of FINAL FANTASY XI and the official website.

Please take time to read the rules below, as well as the FINAL FANTASY XI Forum Guidelines (North America/UK) before you post or start a discussion.

For general forum rules, please refer to the following thread:

We ask all users to keep the following rules in mind before posting to the localization forum:
  • The following is a sample of content suitable for this forum:
    - English text bugs (ungrammatical expressions, spelling, typos, etc.)
    - Translation discrepancies
    - General discussion on language-related topics regarding the English version of the game.
  • When making a bug report, please be sure to include all relevant information. (Date and time, name(s) of NPC(s) involved, quest name, where the issue occurred, steps on how to reproduce the bug, etc.)
  • For issues involving Japanese text being displayed in the English version, please include a screenshot.
  • Use proper English and avoid slang, abbreviations, or improper or abusive expressions.
  • The following posts are considered to be improper and are subject for deletion:
    - Posts that deviate from the topic
    - Reposts of threads from other forums
    - Posts requesting progress or status updates on reported issues
  • Should you wish to to report multiple issues, we ask that you make a separate thread for each individual issue. Please do not combine them into a single thread.
  • To prevent duplicate threads on a similar issue, please refrain from creating new threads on existing topics. Should you have additional details regarding an ongoing issue, please provide them by replying to the existing thread.
*Issues with the English version that are not specifically language-related should be reported in the Support or Gameplay sections.

Localization members from the development team, as well as members of the operation team will be monitoring this forum regularly, and while we cannot promise a reply to every individual post, we will do our best to look into and address the most pressing issues in a timely fashion. After feedback has been made concerning a reported issue, the thread will be locked. In the event that there is not enough information provided to properly investigate an issue, we may respond with a request for additional details.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing from all of you!