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    Field Woundpatchers in Grauberg [S]

    It seems that during a campaign battle, Field Woundpatchers do not cast higher tier spells as they usually would.

    Platform: Windows XP
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 24 Mbps
    Date & Time: 2011/09/21 19:57 GMT -6
    Frequency: Continuous
    Character Name: Inanna
    Race: Hume
    World: Fenrir
    Main Job: SMN 62
    Support Job: WHM 31
    Area and Coordinates: Grauberg [S] (I-8)
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Field Woundpatcher
    Monster Name: -
    1.Get Allied Tags
    2.Cancel Protect or Shell status while near a Field Woundpatcher
    3.The Field Woundpatcher will not cast any Protect-class spell higher than "Protect" or any Shell-class spell higher than "Shell".
    4.Take damage while near a Field Woundpatcher
    5.The Field Woundpatcher will not cast any Cure-class spell higher than "Cure".

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    Maybe they keyed their jobs in abyssea and haven't bought spell yets

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    Greetings, Inanna!
    Thank you for posting your concerns about the Field Woundpatchers in Grauberg [S]. I have made sure to submit all of your information to the development team, and they will make sure to thoroughly investigate this matter, based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend consulting or for any details regarding this investigation. Thanks again for your report!

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