• What is the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server?
    The FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server is a special server dedicated to testing various features that are in development for future version updates. With the test server, players may try out new content before its release and submit feedback and suggestions for improvement on the official forums.

    Along with the launch of the test server, a new World “Undine” will become available. You can copy your character data in the game over to “Undine” and be able to try out new content.
  • For those of you who will participate in testing, please read the following.
    • Test Details
      Announcements regarding test details will be made in "Testing in Progress" under "UPDATES".
    • The Maximum Number of Participants and Requirements
      The maximum number of participants and requirements will depend on each test. Once the number of participants is reached, applications will close. Also if you have not fulfilled the requirements, you will be unable to apply for access to the test server.
    • Platforms
      To participate in testing, you are required to use “FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows” to install “FINAL FANTASY XI Test Client”, a special client dedicated to the test server.
      * Players who use “FINAL FANTASY XI for PlayStation 2” or “FINAL FANTASY XI for Xbox 360” are not eligible to participate in testing.

    • Discussion and Feedback on Test Details
      Testers may use the official FINAL FANTASY XI forums as a place for discussion and feedback regarding test details. We ask for your cooperation to make FINAL FANTASY XI a better game.
    • Opening and Closing of the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server
      Upon the opening and the closing of the test server, announcement will be made in “Information (Test Server)”.
    • Special Icon for the Participants
      Once the application for access to the test server has been processed, a crystal-shaped icon will appear next to the character name of your forum profile.
  • How to submit an application
    Please submit your application for access to the test server from "FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server Application Form".