• Installing the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Client
    Please download the necessary installation data from the URL below. Refer to the readme.txt file in the downloaded package for details on installing the data.


  • Logging into the Test Server
    Log into the PlayOnline Viewer and select the "Play on Test Server" button on the FINAL FANTASY XI top screen.
     The character you selected when you applied for the test server will be displayed on the character selection screen. Select that character to go to the location you were when you last logged out of FINAL FANTASY XI.

     *If your character is not displayed on the character selection screen, please wait before trying again. It may take some time for the character data to be copied to the test server.
     *You can call up macros, map markers, and setting files that have been saved in FINAL FANTASY XI from the character selection screen.

  • Test Play Feedback
    Please give us feedback on the official forums. We appreciate your help and cooperation.


  • NOTE!
    • You cannot change the character you selected in your application.
    • Please do not delete your character on the test server.
    • When you log into the test server, if another character already has the same name as yours, you will be prompted to change your character's name.
    • All linkshells possessed by your character will be changed to new linkshells and you will no longer be able to use any linkpearls in your possession.
    • Please note that we cannot provide support to any players on the test server.
    • If your character gets stuck on the test server, please use the following method to get your character unstuck.
      Select "Help Desk," then "I can't move my character or log out of the game," then "My character is stuck," and finally "I am stuck and need to get out. My movement is not being restricted by a GM." Your character will automatically start healing. If you continue healing for thirty minutes, you will automatically be transported to a safe location in the area.
      *GMs will not be able to help you get unstuck on the test server.
    • Items and gil acquired and levels gained on the test server will not be reflected on the public server.
    • Content on the test server will not necessarily be implemented into FINAL FANTASY XI.
    • The test server may undergo maintenance and updates without prior notification.
    • If it is determined that you have no intention of participating in the test server, your participation privileges will be revoked.
    • Penalties for violations of the user agreement on the test server will be carried out for the associated account on the public FINAL FANTASY XI server.
    • Square Enix bears no responsibility for any trouble or damage caused by installing the test client.
    • Please note that we cannot provide GM support to any players on the test server. Any GM calls made will not be answered.