Will the dev team consider hosting FFXI Fan Festivals in the U.S. again, or a fan fest celebrating both FFXI and FFXIV? I think it is a wonderful way of bringing fans together, communicating with the dev team, and encouraging continued interest in the game.

While I'm not a WOW player, I'm aware that WOW has Blizzcon annually and I think that, among other reasons, the success of blizzcon has really helped the game retain a strong fan base, and I think continuing to hold FFXI Fan Festivals in the US would be similarly beneficial.

The last time a Fanfest was held in the US (2008) it was sold out very quickly and the event itself generated a lot of positive response. Additionally, I would love to see such an event grow in size and scale as many fans who wished to attend were unable to purchase tickets since it sold out so quickly. Even if the price of attendance would have to be increased in order to make such an event possible, I doubt many fans would mind because it is such a unique and exciting experience, and furthermore, if staffing and support is an issue, I think that many fans would be willing to volunteer their time and effort to help with the event itself.

TL;DR please bring back fanfest!