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  1. Yea, no kiddin lol.

    Yea, no kiddin lol.

  2. Looks like my wish came true! lol ...

    Looks like my wish came true! lol

  3. I tried tier one chamber solo but ran out of time...

    I tried tier one chamber solo but ran out of time since the party size did not meet the requirement. It sucks that i only had 10 minutes to try and do much of anything. Wish SE can change this so...

  4. Odin's chamber v1 old content for fun and for ichor

    Hi everyone. Is there anyone out there that is willing to help me farm one old piece of content that i been wanting for many yrs? I know this may sound funny, but i just want it for equipment lock....

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    Small fee, Server merging and character re-creation

    Please make FFXI small fee to play or making it free? and i am sure new and old players will jump back on board. Combine servers so people can do things together more efficiently. Allow character...

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    Character Re-Creation possibilities?

    I know i am not the only person that has thought or mention about this. But would it be possible to let players re-create their character's race and look?

    Maybe can make an optional service with...

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