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    Appreciate the video, look forward to seeing what...

    Appreciate the video, look forward to seeing what the burn/shock/etc... spell will do. Thank you for your efforts, and i hope to see some awesome adjustments for Thief (praying to Alatana). =^.^=

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    This is a fantastic new addition =^.^= I...

    This is a fantastic new addition =^.^= I appreciate the time and effort put into this endeavor, and look forward to the next FFXI Digest!

  3. Job Adjustment 'Ideas' Part II

    Sneak Attack & Trick Attack Recast timers
    Reduce to 40 seconds with merits reducing to 30’s makes a thief a more viable damage dealing job for engame content.

    Sneak Attack & Trick Attack Proc...

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    New Sinister Reign: 5 Characters x 12 Runs = 60...

    New Sinister Reign: 5 Characters x 12 Runs = 60 total 8 drops , none of them good, 300k bayld loss

    Old Sinister Reign: Delve Boss Drops for RELIC/Artifact worth upwards of 1 mil on Auction...

  5. Suggestions for Thief Going Forward

    I. Problem/Fix: Bully needs recast time reduced to 2 minutes so Sneak Attack connects more often while in battle.

    Instances in which problems occur:
    With monsters shifting, spawning moving ,...

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    Problems with Ulmia and Joachim Song Duration and Song Casting Time

    I have noticed a problem with Ulmia and Joachim keeping their songs up while killing mobs for for capacity points or other content. Here are the two problems:

    Il (Problem) Often the bards are...

  7. Thread: Omen drops

    by Phioness

    3 Omen Runs all Regal Gem drops.

    I have recently done 3 Omen Runs, All drops 3 have consisted of a Regal Gem along with 3 crafting items. We have done dozens of runs with only 1 ring, 7 earrings, many necks, many belst, and 3...

  8. Trusts Not Optimized for DD jobs who want HASTE / DAMAGE / DD buffs

    As an up and coming Samurai I am experience problems with Ulmia and Qultada putitng up buffs such as Mages Ballad and Evokers Roll instead of beneficial buffs for a DD job.

    I Dual box SAM + BARD...

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