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  1. Sonic Thrust Weaponskill Not Available to Samurai

    Just noticed that I am no longer able to use Sonic Thrust when using Polearm as Samurai. Please address this as soon as possible.
    -- Update did not have correct subjob selected. No bug, can delete...

  2. Thread: Delivery Box

    by wjctampa

    Delivery Box

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Verizon FIOS
    Type of Internet Connection: DIRECTV
    Internet Connection Speed: 75Mbps
    Date & Time: Feb. 20, 2014 20:32 EST
    Frequency: constant
    Character Name: Hnic,...

  3. I've had this problem on a few occassions and...

    I've had this problem on a few occassions and have narrowed it down to a particular zone (at least for my accounts) Buburimu Peninsula. I can only have one character in the zone at a time, which...

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