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    I Guess, We look to the future... More possibilities can occur by then?

    Basically, I was thinking if this virus gets all sorted out and figured out how it can be resolved, would this mean or could this still result finally having into the future of more Fan XI...

  2. Bump to year 2020, Don't know/remember if these were mentioned!?

    How about Silent Oil's stacks to 12 but crafting be nice at 99-stack = sneak, same Rainbow/Prism Powders stack at 12->bring them up to crafting a 99-stack = invisible ;). Just thinking and posting...

  3. I just don't use the gearing swappage \ gear...

    I just don't use the gearing swappage \ gear swapping macro's commands and try to set myself to one gear's being best they can be for all situations myself but I am speaking for all gears for all...

  4. Um... don't think they actually took the time to...

    Um... don't think they actually took the time to read my original post or even actually took the time to understand my post by taking a look at the numbers shown in my clip upon the link I posted to...

  5. Log-In Campaign points, Glitch!?? 99,999,999 selectable number

    :o :confused::eek:
    So um... any reason we need this many 99999999 Model Synergy Furnaces? Furnaces on the login campaign rewards...

  6. I still do it just for an added element of fun...

    I still do it just for an added element of fun into crafting none the less anyone has said about it thus I look mainly on to the ele-face-Directions for non-HQ & then HQ using a crafting Directions...

  7. Cool, I'm waiting, Plus, indeed very Excited About it!

    Surely looking forward to the cap rewarded too since putting sub back up as active for it too.

    {Majorly off topic, look forward to doing virtue's campaign event granted if I can re-remember how...

  8. So I hope they keep this open or create another forum channel for....

    for screenshots Picture Practices or just to display some cool buds screenshots as well. Also Sorry, didn't mean to spam which I feeling like I've done yesterday in order to accomplish the screenshot...

  9. Whoops, Forgot to mention my character!

    Sorry, Correcting...

    Character: Blondelle

  10. Response to respost in main thread under this discussions\practice thread here!

    Well, It worked, finaaally and now I was going to do a second re-post in main thread but since somehow the URL code bars got shown up on both sides of the picture and think I may have written more...

  11. 'Old...

    'Old World': Remora-[originally until merged Leviathan]
    Longtime 'New world': Leviathan
    Captions: Sitting down with an old bud in various ways around Selbina in...

  12. Um...

    Well, that was quite a fluke on the last post...

    Test 8!!!!!

  13. Test 7 =.= [+,+]

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="xGRlnUC"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

  14. /sigh.... Test 6!!!

  15. Created an to test with so lil time remaining too!

    Test 5!!!!

  16. Well... fudgeit... [seems quite madning being this much trying, to get no where}

    ??- :confused: -Seriously, I have to create and add another ridiculous account of signing up yet to another dang-in website to get this to work such as Imgur to get this to even work since links of...

  17. This is a one to garrentee event unless a certain webpage is met to succeed??

    :( ??-Test for Failures 4-?? :(

  18. Kind feeling out of luck with this here. {#Disappointed}-[about it]

    SOooo... I definitely feel as If I am not gonna be able to complete this task in time and miss out in getting the Royal Chocobo Beret (virtual item) Just like I missed out in getting the Shadowlords...

  19. Well give a few more shots a few other social media ways, Maybe -.- >,

    Test 3! {My luck thus far, it ends in failure!! >.<}

  20. Picture without a Description before succeeding Test #2

  21. Questions? Upload or picture from PC - Where?

    Well it still didnt work in posting + showing the picture and only options that I am seeing to upload any types of pictures at all is through an web addy like url instead of uploading it off of your...

  22. Reminiscing together about the good old days of waiting for PT. Lv.-up Parties and...

    Nituri & I were sitting around the area's we used to leave our charators at various positions from the enterance to selbina gates to the section after zoning going up to the gates and this is only...

  23. Just A question about sizes since I have to get mailed from the POL Viewer > My Mail

    Does the screenshot size matter here and Mainly under the screenshots thread for this event because any time I have them sent from the POL Viewer of saved in game screenshots using the in game...

  24. Old site still has some goods about it for info in Present times!

    FFXIclopedia <- Fandom ;)

    ((Just a brief history to give you a helpful refresher about the website as well))
    FFXIclopedia was the brainchild of Ganiman, a Tarutaru Red Mage, a...

  25. Maybe a compromise of a combination of both...

    Maybe a compromise of a combination of both working together would be or even could be best?

    I know there were quite a few AH posts over the years like this and btw. Hi, Tumz nice to see you...

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