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  1. It will not let me pop the NM again

    Because I popped the NM and a 'bot killed it, it will not pop the NM again for me. I got another one of the Purple Ribbon and tried trading it to the Hume Bones again -- nothing happens. I need to...

  2. I Cannot Get Another Pop Item

    I went back the the NPC that gave me the Purple Ribbon and I cannot get another. What am I to do? I can't finish the quest. I need that quest to get access to Toraimarai Canal.

  3. Need GM Help -- 'Bots are taking my NMs when I Pop Them.

    I need a GM to help me. There is a 'bot named Iapetus in The Eldiene Necropolis (Lower Level, M-10, at the Hume Bones) that is taking my NM from me when I pop it. I had the same problem in Palborough...

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