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  1. Thanks for your help.........really appreciate...

    Thanks for your help.........really appreciate it, levelling and skilling up now so i can be of some use to the LS in the not too distant future :-)

    Still cant believe how quick that Tarutaru went...

  2. That would be very much appreciated LS experience...

    That would be very much appreciated LS experience is the way forward, soloing too much is not going to get me anywhere I think. Thank You, will catch you on server over next couple of days?

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    Lvl 99 limit break help!


    Been stuck at lvl95 SAM for past 8 months, shouted and shouted in Gardens, sat and waited etc etc got two tails, getting very frustrated to say the least.......anyone on Quetzalcoatl available...

  4. Esatblished player desperate for help lvl 95 limit break!

    HI Guys,

    Been stuck at lvl95 SAM for past 9 months, tried the little bugger twice but stupidly realise its a team effort, spent a hell of a long time getting 2 Rarab Tails, shouted in La ru...

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