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  1. If your still active and people are helping/doing...

    If your still active and people are helping/doing end game content, i would LOVE to join you guys! UK player, hope there are a few more as well =)

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    Returning player Looking for a LS =)

    Hi guys, returning player to finally get to end game and enjoy what there is =)
    My main game is ffxiv, so il be on the social side, just want to jump on at times and enjoy a community and what the...

  3. Hi looking for a LS to join upto =) BH server!

    Hi guys, im a newbie to the FFXI game, and looking for a LS to join.
    I can also offer a Teamspeak for us to also use for the one i join! Its under my Warz/dayz name, but il make a section...

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