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    June update addressing RMT

    On Asura the vast majority of Apex camps, as well as mobs in Escha Zi'tah are riddled with bots. It has come to the point that legitimate players cannot farm job points anymore because all of the...

  2. Coalition Legend Rankings

    Can we please have a way of reducing the time it takes to get legend rank in all coalitions? You can farm a mythic now in a matter of days with enough effort - same with a relic. Empys as well. ...

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    Any news on a key item to reduce recharge time on imprimaturs?

    Hi it's been a while and there was talk of implementing a method to reduce imprimatur recharge time via a key item etc. I was wondering if this is something that is still being planned?

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    Domain invasion change offers a great points...

    Domain invasion change offers a great points system for access to new gears. The current draw-back is that the pre-dragon enemies die literally before they can even be seen on the screen (usually). ...

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    NINJA - Tanking

    I would like to suggest a modification to the NINJA (NIN) job that would help improve its usefulness and therefore demand as a tank.

    Changing shadows so they are not instantly wiped by any/all...

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    SMN Carbuncle Glittering Ruby

    When I use Blood Pact:Ward, glittering ruby it gives Stats Down effect on everyone instead of stat boosts!

  7. Please Modify: Imperial I.D. Tag Renew Timer

    I'm currently considering doing a mythic weapon. A really limiting factor is the 24 hour renew rate for the tags. It's challenging to collect the alexandrite, and also all of the other necessary...

  8. I would really like to see the rate that Imperial...

    I would really like to see the rate that Imperial Army I.D. Tags renew reduced from 24 hours to something more reasonable.

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