During the Titan Battle Challenge being held at Tokyo Game Show 2013, a total of 61 Titans have been defeated in two days! This means that players from all Worlds will receive a pair of "cactuar earrings!"

Starting on day 3 of the show, we will be holding a "Cactuar Lottery Reborn" where each time Titan falls, all players from a randomly chosen World will receive a pair of blazing in-game "bomb earrings!"

Will there be 61 more victories against Titan in the next two days? Or will only the ones embraced by fortune receive this scorching hot accessory? Only the Twelve would know.

As with the cactuar earrings giveaway, we'll be doing our best to update the official Twitter account and this thread as much as possible during the event, but please be patient as it won't be in real-time.

All Worlds have won the bomb earrings!