During the Tokyo Game Show 2013, adventurous attendees will be able to take on a special version of the Titan Battle challenge for a chance at awesome prizes. Those who are able to defeat the primal will receive the exclusive "I BEAT TITAN" t-shirt! But what about those that can't attend Tokyo Game Show? Well, the good news, is that you're all still eligible for an awesome prize!

Each time Titan is defeated at the event, a representative from the winning team will draw a World name from a pool of all the Worlds.
When a World is chosen, all the players on that World will receive a pair of cactuar earrings.

Since the Titan challenge will be going on throughout the coming days, we'll be doing our best to add the names of the winning Worlds below as quickly as we can. However, we appreciate your patience as the list won't be updated in real-time! Also, details on how to receive the cactuar earrings will be announced at a later time.

All Worlds have won the cactuar earrings!

Remember! Details on how the Cactuar Earrings will be distributed will be revealed in the coming days!