I finally reached the stats required to make all items currently available to armorer including the heavy darksteel set for GLA/MRD/PLD/WAR which consists of 3 pieces to fill the head/chest/gloves/legs/feet slot. There is also a LNC/DRG set of 5 pieces. This is currently the best armor that can be obtained when HQ'd as the next best set of gear requires several weeks of hitting the tombstone of mythology cap.

In order to craft the set I will need 9xCoke per piece except for the DRG gloves which require 18xCoke. These can be bought with 125 Tombstones of philosophy each. I can provide the rest of the HQ mats required for either a price or some extra Coke and other tombstone mats to craft my own set.

Can also HQ the militia set which is slightly better than AF gear fairly easily.

-Arch Nemesis