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    Combat abilities from crafting trees

    Admittedly, this mainly extends from my desire to run around and beat up monsters with my frying pan... But! I was also thinking it could be cool if the Crafting Classes unlocked a combat ability at later levels. I guess these abilities wouldn't have to be super useful, because that'd kind of be unfair to DoW people that aren't interested in crafting. But, it could be fun to have a unique ability like the 'Frying Pan' stun from that Goblins used in FFXI

    What do you think? Probably won't happen but it's kind of fun to think about
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    I am for this. Actually I would like to see it less as an ability in the conventional sense and more like a flavor replacement for stone throw that can be unlock say after r30 or 36. It wouldn't necessarily have any sort of combat utility outside of giving the crafting class a bit more flavor when running from place to place.