Date & Time: 00:38 - 10/06/2018
Frequency: First Time I have encountered this
World name: Phoenix
Character name: Floofer Stabbington
Retainer name: N/A
NPC name: "Nervous Namazu"
Monster name: None
Class/Level: Miner - Level 70
Party or solo: Solo
In-game time: 10:44 ET - 12:38 ST/LT
Area and coordinates: Azim Steppe - Dawn Throne - X: 23.2 / Y: 24.3 / Z: 1.1
Housing: N/A
1. This Namazu Beast Tribe Quest "Taking the Plunge" requires you to be "Sworn" level of repuation with the Namazu I believe.

2. After Accepting the quest from the "Dhoro Iloh" hub, you are asked to speak to the NPC, "Nervous Namazu" at the location and coordinates stated above.

3. The NPC will advance the quest to the next step, asking you to retreive 1 "Steppe Slab"

4. In the quest help text, it will say to retrieve this Steppe Slab, at mining nodes "South of Reunion". THIS IS INCORRECT. Steppe Slab cannot be mined at any node south of Reuinion. Only "lightning Shards" can be mined here.

5. "Steppe Slab" is found at the mining nodes to the NORTH EAST OF THE DAWN THRONE (X: 24.3 / Y: 20.2 / Z: 0.1). It is the third mineable item from the top.

6. That is all. I am unsure if this is the same for any similar Botany quest, as I have only completed this as a Miner. The Quest text simply needs updating to say "North East of the Dawn Throne" rather than "South of Reunion"

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