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Letter from the Producer LIVE VI Q&A

*In the video, a magitek armor game play video is introduced, followed by the introduction of a housing zone.

Q: What kind of bonuses will players receive by using housing?
A: I've mentioned a couple of things here and there in the past, like placing items such as towers on your property. By placing various items around the house, players can receive a variety of different enhancing effects. As an example, you and your friends or free company members can receive a two-week-long EXP bonus or a bonus to gil received. Of course, we won't create anything that pressures players into buying a house, but they will still have benefits.

Q: If you buy a small house and piece of land, when it starts to get too cramped will it be possible to upgrade to a larger house?
A: We're working on a system for moving that will be introduced in a patch. Also, depending on lag and stress on the servers, we may allow players to own a second house. But yes, you can be sure that when we're finished, you'll be able to upgrade to a bigger house.

Q: Will it be possible to sell land deeds in the market ward or other places?
A: Yes, it will be possible. They can also be traded. Just as an example, you could give a house to that special someone in your free company as a present.

Q:Is it possible to have multiple houses? For example, to have a primary residence in Limsa Lominsa and a villa in Gridania or Ul'dah?
A: Right, it's just like what I was talking about before. Having a main house with another house located in a different country. Once we have a better understanding of the burden this will place on the servers, we might be able to implement this.

Q: Even a little bit would be great, but could you show a video of arcanist or summoner using their skills?
A: It'd be pretty hard to show just a little! Well, we're actually doing some final work on this pet class. Most of you playing Beta, and of course the players of 1.0 are pretty familiar with the various classes of XIV; however, there will be a lot of PS3 first-timers who will be participating from phase 3. So before phase 3, we're going to start putting together videos showing off each of the classes and jobs to give an idea of what they entail. You'll know everything you need to know by release, but for now, you'll have to wait for arcanist and summoner.

Q: In the previous live letter, you mentioned that summoner would be ready for launch. Will it be possible to play as arcanist in Open Beta?
A: We've been trying hard to push it out, but it probably won't be ready. We'll show it off in a video, so please wait until then. I apologize for that.

Q: Do you plan on implementing great swords?
A: Well, the development team was saying before that they'd have to do this at some point, and I'm thinking it will be when they add the appropriate class or job. It could be samurai, or perhaps dark knight, but only the battle team knows for sure. Still, it's definitely something we'd like to do.

Q: Compared to primal weapons and relic weapons, how strong are you planning to make the weapons from Crystal Tower and the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut?
A: *Art of new rewards are shown in the video.
Since there were so many weapon drops from primals in 1.0 we tried hard to make some armor as well. That's not to say that they will come from primals, but we've worked hard to make full sets of gear for various fights.

For weapons, the strongest items will be those dropped from the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut, and we have a created a clear path for progression through content and gear. When you're level 50 you can clear a scenario and go after a good primal weapon. Once you have that, you can challenge the Crystal Tower, and get items from there. After that, challenge the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut. The difficulty of content and the strength of items will follow this order, going up and up. Both primal weapons and relics will have their own place in this hierarchy, and primal weapons are not at the top.

Q: Will you be eliminating open dungeons like Castrum Novum and Shposhae from 1.0, where you could enter without having to make a party?
A: Well, the areas we are defining as dungeons will be instanced. Of course there will also be dungeons where alliances can enter, so it won't always be 4 or 8 person dungeons. At the same time, not all of the areas from 1.0 will become instanced dungeons. Instead, some of these will be used as open field areas where things like large scale FATEs will take place. We'll be taking a look at these areas in the second and third parts of the Tour of Eorzea series. Also, in the second half of today's broadcast I'm thinking about showing you some things you can expect to see after Beta 2, so I hope you're excited.

Q:Are there any plans to open up areas from version 1.0 that we couldn't access like Paglth'an?
A: Yes, we'll be opening some of these areas, but not all of them. We'll try to open up as many areas as possible at for release, but you can expect to see more added with patches and expansions.

*Limsa Lominsa is shown off in the video.

Q: In A Realm Reborn, what kind of weather will there be? Also, could you give us any details on how the weather will affect the game?
A: The weather right now is clear, but there will also be sunny, cloudy, rainy, and region-specific weather. For example, since it obviously doesn't rain in the in desert regions like Ul'dah, there will be sand storms instead. Also, as you saw in the magitek intro, there are snowy regions which will have blizzards. There will be quite a lot of variation.

Effect-wise, the biggest influence will more than likely be on fishing. During the previous Letter from the Producer Live I talked a bit about fishing, but you'll essentially pick a fishing pole, pick your bait, and drop your line. Weather will have the biggest impact on fishing through its effects on water temperature. Other than that there won't really be any other effects from weather.

Q: Could you please tell us the difference between jobs and classes in A Realm Reborn?
A: We've rebalanced classes and jobs so that jobs are more clearly a step above classes compared to 1.0. However, because classes can use a wider variety of abilities from other classes, I think they're much better suited to soloing and questing. Also, as I'm sure beta testers can tell you, dungeons designed for leveling will usually be made for groups of four, and I think classes may be better suited for these as well. So as you level, there will be many opportunities for you to use classes. Once you get to the end game, however, it's at that point when jobs really start to shine.

Q: Could you show us a little more of the sky above please?
A: Like this?
*The sky in Limsa Lominsa is shown in the video.

Q: Are there any points of interest we should look out for in Limsa Lominsa?
A: Points of interest, hmmm...well, I've only shown a little bit of Limsa so far, but as you can see, there are a lot of terraces. Also, the open atmosphere gives Limsa a different feel compared to the other main cities. There are towers built on each of these islands, and their interiors are quite complex! I'd say these features are what give Limsa its unique flavor. Oh, and over there you can see the aetheryte.

Q: How many instanced dungeons will there be at launch?
A: It's a lot of work for the level design team, battle team, programmers, and QA team, but including the larger ones, about 16-18.

There's one dungeon in particular I'd like to show eventually. The sky is visible, and there’s this dense jungle portion—I really wanted to show it, but I'll have to save it for another time. We have some incredible new dungeons filled with beautiful, natural elements, as well as elements that give a sense of how the creatures and people within dungeons are using these spaces.

Q: Can you show us the aetheryte in Limsa?
A: *The aetheryte in Limsa Lominsa is shown in the video.

Q: Will there be a system that will forecast the weather?
A: Ah, good point! I'll make sure to let the lead know about your idea.

Q: In the previous broadcast, you mentioned that the materia system would be changing significantly, but could you tell us specifically how it will change?
A: While we are definitely planning to make an announcement explaining the changes, I'm sure the 1.0 players, especially those who played to the end, would like to know how it will be changed.

First off, gear in A Realm Reborn will have sockets, and any item that has a socket on it can be fitted with materia. Some items may have multiple sockets, and for every socket, you will be able to attach materia without risk of failure.

The process of adding materia beyond the set number of sockets is referred to as multiple melding. However, in ARR, the only thing you will lose from an unsuccessful attempt will be the materia. You won't lose the item like in 1.0.

Second, we've changed the system so that materia are no longer restricted to certain types of gear. In ARR, you will be able to meld any given materia to any given item, but each item will have a stat cap. For example, some items will have a STR cap of 5. These stat caps will differ depending on the equipment's item level.

Q: You mentioned that there would be tank, caster, and other types of personal chocobos, but could you tell us a bit more about this system? Also, will it be available at release?
A: With the Armoury, players have the ability to freely change their classes. Because of this, the character's level will rarely remain constant. One minute your chocobo might be too strong, the next minute it could be too weak. To remedy this, we decided to sync the chocobo's level to the player's level.

Of course, there will still be ways to enhance your chocobo. Your chocobo can also, in a sense, gain experience and level up by obtaining skills. If you decide to teach your chocobo offensive abilities, it can take on an offensive role, and eventually learn more specialized attacks. It's a lot like a skill tree. On the other hand, if you decide to focus more on supporting skills, your chocobo can take on a supporting role. You can also create a balanced type by taking various types of skills. Oh, and you'll be able to change their roles at any time. For example, if you decide to play as a warrior, you can switch your chocobo to a healer role to support you in combat.

Ultimately, I believe this system fits the Armoury quite well. One more thing. Up until now we've shown various chocobo bardings that will be implemented in the future, but we've decided that we'd like players to choose bardings based only on how they want their chocobo to look. By adding stats to chocobo armor, we feared everyone would choose the same gear, so we decided to remove attributes from barding completely. We'd like you to pick what you think looks best.

Q: Will we be able to enter instanced dungeons with personal chocobos?
A: This won't be possible, at least at launch. First and foremost, we'd like players to interact with one another using the duty finder. But don’t worry—we don't plan to keep it that way. When the opportunity presents itself, changes will be made so that players can enter dungeons directly without using the dungeon finder. At that time, we think it would be okay to let players take their chocobos in. So to answer the question: not at first, but definitely in the future.

Q: What happened to the arcanist guild?
A: Here it is.
*The arcanist guild is shown in the video.

Q: I missed the Magitek video at the beginning. Could you show it again?
*The magitek armor video is played again.

Q: Can you tell us more about the Collector's Edition that you talked about yesterday?
A: *The Japanese Collector's Edition box is shown in the video.
Here's the box and it opens like this. We will have artwork from Yoshitaka Amano printed on the front of the box and it's already been created. It's in the final stages as data to be printed out. There will also be in-game items included with the Collector's Edition.

Speaking of the Collector's Edition, I haven't forgotten about the players who purchased the Collector's Edition for 1.0. I'm sure some of you are wondering if you have to re-purchase the Collector's Edition. Don't worry, we'll be sure to have something prepared for those who already purchased it. Players are bound to request something even if it's just an in-game item, but we're taking everything into consideration.

Q: Will we be able to craft furniture for housing?
A: We've prepared this kind of furniture.
*Furniture artwork is introduced in the video.

So let's say you start a free company. You have a group of guys within the free company dedicated to battle content. You might also have a group of guys who only do crafting or gathering. One day the battle team defeats Ifrit and obtains material needed to build something. The high-level crafters can then use that material as a base, the gatherers can go collect other rare materials that are needed, and together they can finish building the trophy. You’ll be able to create all kinds of stuff, and we're sure you're going to love it!

*The video shows in-game footage of Thanalan.

Q: In the previous broadcasts you've shown artwork for rewards you can obtain through questing and content, but how will crafted gear impact the game?
A: I touched on this when talking about materia and crafting earlier. We put a lot of work into balancing item levels and content. For example, the stats of the primal weapons are fixed, and you can't enhance them any further. You can attempt to move on to the next level of content with those levels, but it's going to require a certain level of skill to be successful. You could say that crafting and materia exist to help players reach the next tier of content and rewards. Once you clear that content, you’ll discover new recipes and materials that will allow you to craft stronger gear. So, whether you prefer fighting or crafting, you can work together with other players to make progress. However, crafted items won't be drastically overpowered compared to dropped items.

Q: Will there be changes to the "A Relic Reborn" quest in ARR? Also, if there are changes and we were in the middle of the quest in 1.0 will players be able to continue from where they left off?
A: As stated in a previous announcement, we've saved quest progress for all characters. Even if you're in the middle of collecting seals, we've made sure that you won't have to start all over again in ARR, so please don't worry. However, content wise it will change. Compared to 1.0 the difficulty will be slightly lower. The changes we're making should make things more enjoyable. The storyline will be more straightforward as you collect items and revive the legendary weapons. You could say the quest has been reborn as well.

Q: During the previous Producer Letter Live, you showed us artwork for the upcoming PvP gear. You also mentioned how the visors for PvP helmets can flip open. Will we be able lift the visor for the warrior artifact helmet or put on the hood up for the white mage artifact armor?
A: Yes. However, the white mage hood and robe are a single piece, and we can't manipulate that part of the model. For the warrior's artifact helmet, we'll probably give players a way to switch between an open and closed version, rather than animating the change. It'll be like taking the helmet on or off.

Q: You previously showed us a video of the magitek armor. Will we hear the music from the video in ARR?
A: So, you know we have the Developer's blog from Project Manager M, right? When we first released images of the Magitek armor… In the middle of the night, the Sound Director sends me an email saying, "I couldn’t help myself. I had to make it. I have no regrets!" So we had to decide what to do with this music. I did remind him that while inspiration is important, we need to first think about how it could be used and discuss it before we make it. Or if the community response is something like "No! We don't care what you think!" "Just use the music already!" If that’s the response I get, then I'll consider using it no matter what.

Q: Can we customize our magitek armor (such as changing parts or the color scheme)?
A: I think we were asked this before, but yes customization will be possible. You'll see something eventually as the character and modeling teams are pumping out lots of ideas. I think our players are looking forward to the chocobo and magitek armor more than any other mounts, so in the future we will be discussing where these mounts will play an active role in the game. Actually, we're already working on something with the chocobos, but want to make sure it's engaging, and really shows off what makes this game a FINAL FANTASY title.

Q: Can I just be a spectator in a PvP match?
A: The feature we are thinking of will allow you view the camera of players participating in the match. I mean, we're all pretty curious about what it looks like from an opponent's point of view right?

However, this will take a lot to implement, so we'd like to have this feature refined first.
But more importantly…this might be kind of big and I did mention it briefly in the past… but as far as copyrights go, it's actually illegal to record and upload gameplay footage without going through the proper channels.

So, normally something like this will require the approval of the copyright owner. However, the fact is that video content has become a part of our daily lives. I personally love to create my own gameplay videos. So the real roadblock was going to be the in-game music and voices.

Voices include dialogue and battle voices, which naturally belong to the voice actors, but FFXIV: ARR has overcome this hurdle with the cooperation of kind folks in the industry. So the issues regarding these rights is no longer a problem. This is one of the main reasons why we re-recorded all of the voices. So after ARR launches, we can have our players create and share their videos, which will certainly include PvP matches.

We also expect players to show off their free companies and enjoy the videos in many other ways. That will be our very first goal.

Coincidentally, a similar feature was shown during the PS4 announcement and we thought "This is really good!" So we hope to see our players enjoy creating their own videos. Please remember though that adding music from an outside source is prohibited, so please only use FFXIV as your source.

We'd like to add more options for this eventually. Oh! That’s right! Please don't upload beta videos as it's under NDA.

Q: I'm curious about that building in the distance.
A: I wonder what it could be.
*Watch the scene shown here for a closer look at the building.

Q: Please give us more details on PvP.
A: I'm not sure how knowledgeable most people are about PvP, especially in the JP community, but the coliseum that we're planning to implement at launch is something like...a gathering place for the world's strongest warriors. When a PvP battle starts, you'll see four players from the opposing team on the other side. Once the signal is given, the battle starts. Now, if I was a black mage, I'd obviously focus on casting magic from a far while trying to keep my distance, since I'd be slaughtered in close combat. I might also hide behind pillars or other obstructions while attacking to prevent others from targeting me.

Of course, I'm sure opposing warriors and paladins would attack me first because of my low defense, so I would probably try to cast sleep or repose to take them out of the fight for a short while. Depending on your role and the situation, you'll want to fight with a different style. And, as I mentioned in the previous live letter, you can use the environment to your advantage. These matches will be balanced around 4 vs. 4. Hopefully everyone can try it out and go from there.

That's the general idea behind PvP. Of course, there will be situations where melee characters try to ensnare casters, or think of ways to prevent the opposing player from running away with sprint. Oh, and you'll be able to restore TP by using potions. I could go on and on about it. Anyway, you’ll receive points when you win a match.

And when you gain a certain amount of points, your PvP rank will go up. As you gain ranks in PVP, you'll receive a different type of points. These particular points can be used to obtain weapon skills, for example. PvP players can create certain builds by using these points. These points can also be used to purchase the PvP gear I introduced last time.

*Artwork of PvP gear is shown in the video.

So essentially, your goal would be to gain points through matches to obtain PVP skills, passive abilities, and gear to grow stronger. You can even buy—well, I might get yelled at by the Battle team for saying this but...

For example, you'll be able to purchase this one paladin PVP ability, and its effect changes depending on what grand company you've joined.

Q: Will we be able to use the duty finder for the PvP coliseum?
A: Well, there’s going to be a matching system, so you can use it.

Q: In ARR, we know the duty finder is going to be implemented for dungeons. Will there be any other party search system implemented as well?
A: I understand that, at this point, it’s hard to imagine just how the duty finder will work and what you can use it for. We do have plans to implement a party search system similar to what we had for 1.0, but I would really like everyone to try out the duty finder first. You'll also receive certain bonuses for using the duty finder!

Of course, some high-level content will probably be too difficult for parties that were gathered via duty finder, so we're thinking of other ways to create parties without it.

Q: How will the primal fights change in ARR?
A: Generally, they will be similar to the battles in 1.0. However, the primal fights are closely tied to the main scenario, so they’re pretty different because of that. The cutscenes are completely different, and their abilities have been reworked to fit the new battle system. Oh, and Titan will be making his first appearance. We're planning to implement a lot of environmental elements, such as the floor collapsing or launching into the air. Battles won't just be about defeating your enemies, and you'll have to pay attention to your surroundings. Also, as we continue to update the game, there will probably be fewer players running through these early battles. At that time, we'll probably move some primals into open world areas.

Like you saw in the benchmark video, some primals will appear in FATE and you can earn the ability to summon them by defeating them. That's currently what we have in mind. We thought it'd be too boring to leave the primals as is. After all, primals are a big part of the FINAL FANTASY series so we'd like to feature them as much as possible.

Q: Do you plan on adding any random elements to dungeons, such as where monsters and treasure chests spawn, paths, and puzzles?
A: Not at the moment. The level design actually plays a big part in being able to play casually. Since we would like players to use the duty finder as much as possible, if the dungeon elements are randomized, it's going to be that much harder for players to develop a strategy and complete the dungeon. However, randomization isn't completely out of the question. For release, though, we've designed and balanced these dungeons in a particular way, and we want to see how players handle them. So we're not ruling it out entirely.

In a weird sort of way, having randomized dungeons would benefit us too since players would be able to enjoy them for some time, so it's not like we haven't thought about it. In any case, it won't be implemented at release.

Q: You've stated before that crests for linkshells and free companies can be freely designed by combining various parts. Can you show those parts now?
A: *Examples of free company crests are shown in the video.

Q: When characters are carried over to ARR from Version 1.0, will we only be able to change our character's appearance one time at launch? Can we use our one time change during phase 4 of the Beta as well? Or will it be possible to do it twice, during phase 4 and at launch?
A: Please keep in mind the Beta is a testing period meant to check data. All character data has been examined thoroughly, and there are no bugs. However, I would like our players to understand that they will not be able to change their character's appearance until ARR is officially released. The problem with allowing this before then is that if something goes wrong when changing a character's appearance, it'll be difficult to determine if whether it was the result of a bug, an error with the data transfer, or some other process that occurred between beta and release.

Q: When will the Lodestone change over to the ARR version?
A: Development on it has progressed pretty far actually. We plan on doing a Beta test for the new Lodestone somewhere between phase 3 and 4 of the Beta, so you can expect to see the switch at that time.

Q: Please tell us about the types of items that can be transferred between characters on the same account and how they can be transferred.
A: Although it's technically possible, this option won't be available at launch. This is because I want to be a bit cautious. We've considered various scenarios, and while there don't seem to be any serious issues with this, there's still the possibility of RMT abuse. We'd like to see how the game progresses and consider allowing this feature once we are totally confident that it's safe to do so. Again, there are no technical issues with its implementation, but I would kindly ask players to wait for now.

Q: Will the affects of choosing a patron deity be minimal like choosing a race in version 1.0?
A: Yes it will be minimal. Very minimal. As a gamer, I'm quite fond of the word "Identity" and I think that players should have something to set themselves apart. At the same time, we didn't want to go overboard with this in FFXIV, so that players are able to create a character and do what they want to do without having to over think every little thing. So these patron deities are going to serve just as a hint of flavoring.

*The video shows off in-game footage of La Noscea.

Q: Will trains, boat, and airships arrive and depart on a set timetable?
A: I touched on this earlier, but transportation will be as it was in 1.0, so players won't have to wait. However, there's a specific reason for why we're doing it this way. We'd like to make these rides more exciting. For example, a FATE might occur after players board an airship. If players have to wait just for the chance to participate, it might be a big letdown. Realistically speaking, we can only create this sort of content after we've implemented boat and airship rides. Another reason, and I'm very sorry for this, is that because the game was rebuilt so quickly, and with such high quality that, to create something that lets players view all these areas from above—something that would only be used for these transports—would be difficult at this time.

Q: Are there plans to implement a feature to try on equipment and accessories?
A: I'm sorry to say that we couldn't prepare this in time for ARR's launch. As Minagawa has mentioned before, this will be implemented in the future.

Q: If your character's gender can be changed at the time of the transfer, what will happen to our gender-specific gear such as swimsuits? Can we trade them in?
A: We'll be setting up special NPCs to handle data transfers, so I'll see if we can get those NPCs to do it. But by swimsuits they mean heat-resistant gear right? We know that this gear was popular in 1.0, so we'll have new events for obtaining them. That way folks who couldn't get them in 1.0 will have a fair shot to get them too. I don't think players should be too worried about not having the right gear if they switch genders.

Q: Can you share any updates regarding the Armoury, such as how it might work?
A: I discussed this with Minagawa and we really tried to squeeze some information out of him to share with you all, but it's difficult to explain without actually seeing it yourself. I think my mannequin analogy is easy to understand though. So basically, you have one mannequin and all the equipment you had on him switches to different sets.

Players will be able to test this out during phase 3 of the Beta.

Q: Are there any plans to implement a search function allowing players to search for a particular linkshell in-game that matches their interests?
A: That will be handled quite well by the Lodestone, which will serve as a player community site, so we'd like players to start from there. It should have everything players need, so there's no need to add this in-game. We have to keep in mind that there will be PS3 players as well, so it wouldn't be ideal to clutter the UI with all these features. Free companies and linkshells will want to share detailed information, such as who they are and what times they're active. People will want to create pages full of screenshots to attract new members. That's why I want to concentrate on the Lodestone.

Q: Are there any plans to implement a Wiki feature in-game that will allow players to look up details on monsters and items?
A: No. It wouldn't be possible to fit a database that large onto the PS3 version. Instead, we plan on creating an official database on the Lodestone and also creating an app. This way, players can quickly look up information with their smart phones.

Q: In 1.0, the battle music changed based on what area you were in. Are there any plans to do something similar in ARR?
A: Some time ago, Soken was talking about music in an interview. He mentioned that for each city—region, actually—the instrumentation will change. So the instant there's a significant change in the music, you'll begin associate certain instruments with that region. He's arranging the music for battles in the same way. While the base will be the same, the instrumentation will be different for each region.

Q: In phase 3, you'll be introducing PS3, as well as Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, but are there other elements that will be added?
A: Yes. We will be adding Free Companies, and although it will be later than was planned, guildhests, and also larger-scale FATEs will be added. Naturally the number of available areas will also increase. You can think of it as everything being tripled. We'll also be revealing more of the main scenario, and about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, dungeons…there's quite a lot.

Q: Other than FATE… Are there any plans to implement open-world content?
A: In ARR, we're planning to implement open world content through the Full Active Time Event system. For example, those who have been playing the Beta Test can help NPCs conquer a stronghold being held by bandit NPCs, and once you seize it, those bandits will return and try to retake it, so players have to defend against their assault. Additionally, town NPCs might be carried away by monsters in FATE, and you’ll have to stop it in real time since these NPCs will not return if taken. Then you'd have to go to the monster stronghold to rescue these captured NPCs, where you might encounter a boss. There are a lot of different events planned, like trying to rebuild an abandoned village, but getting attacked by a nearby pack of coeurls, and so on.

With that said, all open-world content will be implemented through the FATE system, and we plan to keep creating exciting things to do. In phase 3, we'll be implementing hamlet defense from Version 1.0, which will also function within the FATE system. So when it comes to open-world content, it’s all going to be called FATE.

Q: Could you show us how Coerthas and Mor Dhona look in ARR?
A: In 1.0, you didn't get to experience them in the main scenario, but for A Realm Reborn, we've made them into areas for extremely high levels. It's really cool. Looking around this beach, it's a pretty peaceful and calm area, but there you'll find traces of the Calamity, remnants of the battlefield, the presence of the empire. It has a pretty dark atmosphere you'd expect on the front lines of battle, and the closer you get to Ishgard, the climate will drastically change to snowy areas.

Dragons also have a major connection to Ishgard, and they’ll show up in various places, and you’ll be able to find them in dungeons as well. I'm thinking of introducing this in the third part of the Tour of Eorzea series. Also in a future Letter from the Producer Live, I'd like to show off as much art of this stuff as possible, so you know I'm not making it all up.

We'll show you what we have when it's ready, and we'll also release more trailers as well.

*Click here to jump to the segment of the video that the above occured.

Q: Aside from Meteor could you show us any other limit breaks?
A: Okay, so from phase 3… or was it 4? You'll be able to use them. Right now, though, we're working on a new trailer. There are 3 levels of limit breaks. Light parties can use level 1, so you’ll be able to use it with 4 people, and constantly nag your friends not to trigger it.