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    Suggestion, gathering parties

    So I know that a lot of the gathering systems is changing, and some of this may even end up pointless based on things we dont know yet, especially with the large changes due fisher soon. But one thing I had always wanted to address was being in a party with fellow players. Both just for gathering and having people to chat with, and for content.

    TLDR at bottom

    So how to encourage parties with out throwing the game out of balance? The best thing to do is small buffs/changes that impact a player but may not hurt the economy too much in the long run. This isnt an idea to get all the best things always, but just something to make it feel worthwhile to play with others, than doesnt hurt you if you decide not to.

    First, only require that they be in the same region, not necessarily the same close area. Usually you have to be close to the other person for exp parties but this should be expanded for gatherers. This encourages players to still party up, but maybe in a spot other than what they had intended, encouraging them to explore outside the box.

    Second, allow buffs to work on grouping upon reaching 25+ with any other gatherer. This encourages learning the class first, and then ensures you can have an easy time finding fellow gatherers. Heck, make a quest a prerequisite at 25, just so players cannot take advantage of mule accounts.

    Numbers used are for ideas and can easily be changed to w/e the heck SE wants hehe

    Buffs that are universal:
    • +1% movement speed per gatherer in pt
    • decreased sound made (for sound aggro monsters) per gatherer in pt

    Buffs that enhance the gathering process:

    fishers in your pt:
    • +1 perception
    • +0.5% chance of receiving an additional item per fisher, give it an ability and an effect when it procs

    miners in your pt:
    • +2 gathering
    • +0.5% chance of the remaining gathers increasing per miner give it an ability and an effect when it procs

    botanists in your pt:
    • +2 output
    • +0.25% chance of receiving an hq item give it an ability and an effect when it procs

    one of each in your pt:
    Bonus exp (for SE to decide how much)

    Has anyone else wanted to group up and not be lonely?

    Or if anyone has ideas for crafter parties? I'm not as familiar with those, but I love crafting with a friend just so I can talk.

    I'm hoping the numbers are low enough to keep the gathering solo enthused, but not hurt those who want to team up.
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    I've always wanted them to make gathering into some kind of group activity. I always imagined it like trying to cut down a big tree for lots of wood, rather than individual trees with just a few logs. Your idea is interesting. ^^