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    Ok this is something that I was toying around in my mind after finding out about the LS housing.

    Well that is cool, if the Dev team does it right you can thinking of a whole lot of applications that the DoH can be involved in designing the house, all but two: ALC and CUL.

    Other than maybe a bad CUL burning the house down, there isn't really much for them to do, but really cooking always seems to do well on its own and there is always something kind of new recipes and ingredients to work with. I don't know CUL make "FOOD!", its very useful and fun to do, what else is there to say. X3

    ALC are kind of left with making potions most are for status effects either to add onto an enemy (which either don't work or don't last too long) or remove them from yourself which can be helpful and save your Healer time and mp. That is kind of it, other than Elixirs and Enmity pot, its hard to find something super useful for a ALC to make unless they allowed to make bombs for players to throw.

    SO! How about if a ALC can make cosmetic Items like Skin, Hair or Eye color and maybe much more. I know this limits it down to just one class, but it get tiresome having the same look all the time, and this could make having an ALC around some what fun. In a way it makes kind of sense that a ALC would handle this kind of thing and I hope that Dev team lets us have opportunities to play around with our character's designs. Maybe this is something we can push for v2.0.

    So what do ya all think if a ALC could also be a Cosmetician?
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    Dyes in general should be handled by ALC. Also fireworks, cosmetic auras, cosmetic transformations (EX. Chocobo chick).