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    Guide for high level quality crafting

    Gryphonskin Trousers
    Gryphonskin Thighboots
    Gryphonskin Gloves
    Gryphonskin Jerkin

    This is available for comment on a google docs @
    I will see later on if I can allow people to edit it as well.

    This is my first guide.
    Was looking for a guide on these new synthesis, could not find one so I decided to write one based on my experience. I don’t really have the time of day to make and run statistic but I have done quite a lot of the above synthesis.
    I wish there were more guid in this forum then complaints.

    First off your equipment and crafting class needs to be up to scratch between level 48-50 on both.
    You will need top level synthesis support at the guild itself not the one offered by the repair guy in the city, the level three synthesis support helps, so you won’t fail as much.
    Food helps get orange juice it increases your crafting skills.

    You will need one or two material+1.
    You can get the material in the market or farm it. They are ridiculously expensive on the market.
    Farming it will take hours.

    Material Farming Guide.

    The material for Sargna.
    Spruce Log+1 and Darksteel ore+1 for Sargna.
    Hippogryph Leather+1 for Gryphonskin.

    Visis for details on the items, it takes for ever to include links on this editor.

    Coerthas Central Highlands => Camp Dragonhead, is where you will need to farm these material.
    Spruce Log.
    You will always find this at -3 on the meter and at the lower part of the pendule -3 in the mini game. The same goes for Darksteel Ore. I first farmed with level 38 equipment and was getting about one Spruce Log+1 for every 30 log farmed and that took one hour.
    Then decided to go the extreme, put on level 48 equipment, materia +2 gears, food effect, tried to cap perception. You would think I would get at least two +1 log per hour but nope. still one per hour.
    There are three gathering attributes.
    Gathering: Reduces the depletion rate of the Remainder gauge.
    Output: Effects amount of times you can gather at a location.
    Perception: Increases a player's chance to find higher-quality items. I went for this one. Even the materia for equipment is quite expensive.

    Botanist main attribute is strength.
    Miner main attribute is vitality.
    So try to capitalize on strength and perception. Though I did not feel the difference, with low level and high level gears.
    Farming darksteel you will get a better return two to three darksteel ore+1 per hour.

    Buying Spruce Log+1 in the market, at +150k each is not really an option even for the super rich because you will break so much that it comes up cheaper to buy sargna @2-3k in the market.
    Top that with fact that you have to buy Darksteel+1 around 100K each.

    The material for Gryphonskin
    is less severe but player still charge ridiculous amount in the market for these. you will need Hippogryph Leather+1 and you farm Hippo Skin+1, still in Coerthas Central Highlands => Camp Dragonhead. For a level 50 DOW you can farm Cloud Hippocerf at 3-5 skin+1 per hour, I wish there was Treasure hunt like in FFXI.
    The market sells them at around 100k each Hippogryph skin, I once was luck enough to get 18 Hippo skin+1 at 20k each. That is the problem of having no price comparison tool in the market, price fluctuates.

    Crafting Guide.

    You will need to craft Flawless Gryphonskin or Flawless Sarnga Limb in both cases. These needs to be high quality not the normal one.
    Flawless Gryphonskin: main material here is Hard Hippogryph Leather.
    The material for Hard Hippo Leather: Animal Fat and x2 Hippo Leather.
    Animal Fat. From Uchtred in Western La Noscea (12-23) it cost 50k during Hamlet Defence and 100k when it is not on. Get x10 of them at least if not more.
    These are not cheap synthesis.
    You will also need Hyppogryph leather, don’t try or attempt to go for high quality leather here. You will cry if you do. You don’t need a Hard Hippogrypth Leather+1. If you are lucky enough to get a +1 the nyour next synthesis which needs to be HQ will easier or a lost to which you will regret having waisted your Hyppogryph Leather+1.
    After that go for Flawless Gryphonskin, with the Hard Hyppogryph Leather, Raptor Sinew+1 and Hippogryph Leather+1 and pray you get a Flawless.

    When You build sargna the same applies. Get
    Flawless Sargna: Treatted Spruce is main material here with x2 Darksteel nuget.
    Try not to get Treated Spruce+1(optional), like above or you will waist your spruce+1 but go for Darksteel Nugget+1.
    Treated Spruce requires: hardened Sap. From the same guy in Noscea. Uchtred in Western La Noscea (12-23) it cost 50k during Hamlet Defence and 100k when it is not on.
    With two spruce Lumber and you have your treated spruce. Then go for the flawless.
    Once you have those the rest is easy.
    For Gryphonskin (body, legs, feet and arms).
    Sargna (bow).
    You can get the recipe from and

    Recommend craft ability / trait and tactics to get you luck going.
    Why luck? after spending about 15 million gil on all this, trust me this it is pure luck to get the final material. even with the best gears, food, level. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    You have to get HQ flawless material, that is your aim.
    HQ tells you the percentage of get a high HQ item. getting HQ leather, wood or nugget is easy.
    because they are level 50 synthesis you will succeed 95% of the time if not then you are not ready for the high synthesis.
    Double Down. after you finish a synthesis it gives you a percentage chance you can get HQ.
    Always go for that even if it’s 5% chance to get your flawless material.
    Great calling under Blacksmith, I would say this is the most important, gives you 100% success x3.
    Use this with rapid synthesis, rapid syn doors not reduce durability but has a high risk on usage, this reduce the risk and gets you to a progress of 55% about and you will still have 100% durability. After this use careful sun ask the way

    Byregot blessing under carpenter, gives you 100% quality x3.

    Brand of earth under leather, increases quality under element instability. Trust me you will need this. One of my strategy is to get the element unstable so that I can use this. You can get it unstable by using careful synthesis continually. I once got a lucky jump in HQ by 30% using this. You also get high of quality output.

    Inspiration and resolution both give 50% quality.

    Do not try to add more then your five necessary trait otherwise it will be random.

    Despite all this with good gears, food and level 50, you will be lucky to get a 50% HQ. The higher the HQ the higher the chance for you to double down.
    Sometimes you will get lucky and jump with a 30% HQ when element becomes unstable, other time you will double down 10% before you even finish the synthesis, other time you use double down with a 10% HQ and succeed.

    That’s it folks I’ll add some more content if appropriate otherwise, wish you all the best and you can sell them at 3 million gil and up in the market.
    BTW I got my Sargna+1 and Gryphonskin Boot+1, so yes I am good.
    Weaver, Blacksmith, Armor, Leather, Gold, Carpenter, Miner, Botanist all level 50.
    I welcome positive criticism any other complainers can spend they own 3-4 hours researching and writing they own guide.
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    A couple of things I noticed:

    Botanist main attribute is strength.
    Miner main attribute is vitality.
    So try to capitalize on strength and perception.
    The DoL "main stat" only does this: "During the approach phase, it will be easier to determine the proper angle for each item" (source). At level 50 on Grade 5, you can be completely naked with just a tool and everything is already locked in place, so focusing on it is a waste of effort and potentially wasted slots that you could be stacking perception in.

    You have to get HQ flawless materia, that is your aim.
    I think you meant "flawless material". It just threw me off for a second.

    3) I was hoping to see a good farming spot for Hippos, but it looks like you just bought them.

    4) "You will need top level synthesis support at the guild itself not the one offered by the repair guy in the city, the level three synthesis support helps, so you won’t fail as much."

    It's a toss-up whether or not synth support actually does anything anymore, but I guess it can't hurt.
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