* The following feature, scheduled for patch 1.22, is in development and subject to change.
  • Patch 1.22 will introduce armoires—storage cabinets that can be used to store untradable gear and other similar items. Armoires will be placed in the inns rooms of each city-state, and players will be able to store and reclaim their prized possessions at their leisure. The following kinds of items will be made storable:
    • Job-exclusive gear
    • Seasonal event gear
    • Achievement reward gear
    • Bonus items (Garlond goggles, onion helm, Asuran armguards, Hermes' shoes)
      * There are certain exceptions.
    While armoires will be free to use, the following conditions apply:
    • Item condition must be 100%
    • Only one of a particular item can be stored.
    • Storing an item resets its spiritbond.
    Armoires are shared across all three city-states; items stored at one location can be reclaimed at another.

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