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    Totorak's Swirl Brownies

    1 Cream Cheese
    1 Salted Butter
    1 Sunset Wheat Flour
    2 Bubble Chocolate
    1 Chicken Egg
    2 Maple Sugar

    Mix Cream Cheese and 1 Maple Sugar until it has a creamy texture
    Mix together 2 Bubble Chocolate, Sunset Wheat Flour, Chicken Egg, 1 Maple Sugar, and Salted Butter
    Swirl Cream Cheese/Maple Sugar mixture into the Chocolate

    Cook it until you're sure that you won't contract Salmonella and find out what Heaven tastes like. Alternatively, stick a knife in the chocolate part and if the chocolate doesn't stick to the knife... then you probably won't get Salmonella.

    I guess a frying pan wasn't a good choice.

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    Maki Amiyuki
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    Lala-scout Cookies

    Maki has free time right now because Maki is baking Maki's Lala-scout Cookies, so Maki will write down the recipe. Maki hopes Maki can sell the recipe for extra money. Maybe even under the table so Maki's fundraising scoutmaster doesn't get any. Note to Maki: Blot out the last sentence with permanent marker so the Internal Revenue Scouts learn nothing!

    - A lot of rolanberries
    - A little apkallu egg
    - A little sunset wheat flour
    - A lot of kukuru powder
    - A little sweet cream
    - A little mineral water
    - A little love

    Maki doesn't know how to measure things other than in lots and littles, but Maki thinks it's a pretty uniform standard, so there won't be any misunderstandings about how much of what to use.

    Maki would like to point out that you should only add a little love. If you add a lot of love you won't have enough left to give to your boyfriend, and he will become jealous and think you're cheating on him with the cookies. Maki sometimes can't help Maki's self and cheats just a little, but Maki tries very hard to love cookies only so much. Only so much is equivalent to a little for those who need it in the basic metric system. Maki also has one more reason why you should only add a little love. Decrepit people are the foremost patrons of the Lala-scouts. (Maki just used big words! Maki's mommy will be so proud!) Decrepit people have discerning eyes! If they don't sense a little love there will be no sale! But if you use a lot of love they will want to become shuffleboard buddies! Maki can't stand shuffleboard! That's why Maki needs a boyfriend as an excuse! The only meaning in boyfriends is so you don't have to play shuffleboard! But Maki rambles.

    Maki is in Limsa Lominsa's culinary guild known as the Bismarck. Maki...might not have permission to be here right now. In fact, Maki might have been labeled a filcher and not have permission at all, and may even be wearing a disguise right now.

    Maki will start with the preparation Maki did. Maki will write what Maki did as an example. Do the same to make Lala-scout Cookies.

    Maki first had to gather the materials written above under ingredients. Because Maki is such a good negotiator Maki got all the ingredients for free--not because Maki hired a Qiqirn to rob a local grocery store and then robbed the Qiqirn.

    After that Maki cracked an apkallu egg into a bowl, and chopped up rolanberries and put them in the bowl, and Maki then dumped the rest of the things in the bowl, and Maki then mixed everything together to make the cookie dough, and this is not a run-on sentence because Maki is educated and would never write run-on sentences.

    Maki unfortunately then had to come to the Bismarck because Maki apparently booked the only inn room without a range. Whenever Maki asks to transfer Maki is told the other rooms are filled. Maki suspects the innkeeper of something, though, because Maki can see a mysterious space with a boarded up wall, and the innkeeper also slipped in things like Maki should be quiet and not make anything in the room. Ever.

    Maki secretly lets off Flares for revenge.

    But Maki digresses again. Maki brought the cookie dough for Maki's Lala-scout Cookies to the Bismarck. Maki found a good furnace to use, but couldn't find any baking sheets. The iron bars of the grate were no good for setting the cookie dough, but Maki did see a dodo resting on the grate and being roasted, and Maki is pretty sure dodos take longer than cookies, so Maki decided to improvise. When no one was looking Maki grabbed the dodo to stuff balls of cookie dough inside, but Maki found all this bready stuff in the way. So Maki just pulled out all that tasteless-looking junk, tossed it into the fire, and placed the cookies inside.

    And so Maki now waits writing this recipe... Maki wonders if it's been long enough yet.

    Maki has been getting some smiles from a Roegadyn across the room. He suspects nothing of Maki, looking cute and innocent, scribbling on a piece of paper. Maki grins roguishly on the inside! Little does he know of the ban from this establishment the undisguised Maki has--... Um... Maki is totally not writing anything incriminating right now. Maki is just losing focus a little and not thinking quite straight.

    It's because Maki is next to the nice, warm fire of the furnace. But Maki knows better than to fall asleep while cooking. Even if the fire is nice, and warm, and comfortable,
    and cozy, and -~~---~----~--~~


    Ah! Maki slept! And the dodo is gone! And...uh-oh, there's a commotion outside!

    Abort mission! Abort mission! Maki is going to flee now!


    Well, this is a few days later, and um... Well, Maki maybe botched the batch, and may or may not have caused the Bismarck to lose an entire star due to the dodo reaching a highly renowned food critic. But Maki knows better than to trust word on the street...and newspapers...and police records.

    Maki thinks Maki made it pretty clear how to make Lala-scout Cookies. Even if Maki was kinda later apprehended that day and made to do dishes... Maki now realizes why a certain cunning Roegadyn who would have had dish duty kept smiling at Maki.

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    Limsa Lominsa
    Methium Viserion
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    La Noscean Razor Chowder (Culinarian 49)

    This deliciously creamy concoction is a fan favorite throughout Eorzea.

    Fire Shard x2
    Water Shard x2
    Salted Butter
    Salt Leek
    Wild Onion
    Aldgoat Chuck
    Garlean Garlic
    Blue Landtrap Leaf
    Razor Clam x2
    Mineral Water
    Sunset Wheat Flour
    Buffalo Milk
    Table Salt and Black Pepper to taste

    Finely chop the wild onion, salt leek, blue landtrap leaf, Garlean garlic and aldgoat chuck with your mythril culinary knife (dated is fine). Slice or chop the razor clams per your preference. In a cobalt skillet, melt the salted butter and sauté the wild onion, salt leek, and aldgoat chuck, being careful to not burn the chuck. Add the thyme, blue landtrap leaf, Garlean garlic, razor clams, and mineral water and bring it to a boil.

    In another cobalt skillet, melt a cup of salted butter and add the sunset wheat flour, letting cook for 5 minutes. Pour the butter/flour mixture into the boiling clam mixture, constantly stirring until it’s thickened. Add the buffalo milk, popoto, table salt and black pepper to the pot and let simmer for 15 minutes.

    And Enjoy!

    Note: For those lucky enough to own one, the Pan of the Luminary may be used in place of cobalt skillets for even more flavor! +1 anyone?


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    Norelle Lemercier
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    A refreshing salad of fresh vegetables and sour bread with lively spices. Once a common breakfast in Ala Mhigo.

    1 clove garlean garlic, minced
    1 dragon pepper, minced
    juice of 1 sun lemon
    1 flask of virgin olive oil
    a splash of sour red
    1 ruby tomato, chopped
    1 wild onion, chopped
    1 piece of flatbread, torn into small pieces

    "The old recipe's instructions are really simple... 'Mix seasonings with wine, olive oil and lemon juice. add in minced pepper and garlic, chopped tomato and onion, and shredded sour flatbread; toss to mix and let sit until juices are absorbed. Serve chilled.'"

    "... I wonder how the people trapped behind the walls eat now..."


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    Zebix Rune
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    Limsa Lominsan Lemon Mousse Tart Surprise
    This lovely Limsa Lominsan lemon treat will sure to please any pirate's palate (and prevent scurvy).

    The ingredients are simple:
    • One pie dough
    • Two Sun Lemons
    • Maple Sugar
    • Galago Mint
    • Sweet Cream
    • Bubble Chocolate
    • Dodo Egg

    Once your tart shell is made, go ahead and bake it until it's nice and crispy. From there, take the lemons, sugar, sweet cream, and egg and turn that into a mousse. Into the shell add a surprise! layer of chocolate, and then add the mousse on top. Add a small galago mint leaf for garnish, and enjoy~


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    Thank you for all the entries! The Community Team has been salivating just reading over some of these delectable dishes you have described. We will be selecting our winners and crowning our culinary creation chefs in the next few days, so stay tuned for the announcement!
    Gildrein - Community Team

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