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≪Q&A: After Playing Patch 5.0 Shadowbringers≫
Producer & Director Yoshida answered questions regarding Patch 5.0, which were collected beforehand.


Q: As a ninja player in Savage, when comparing DPS with other melee DPS I feel like the potency increase to Gust Slash was not enough for our overall damage. Our damage feels lacking for the amount of difficulty when playing the job. Any plans for ninja adjustments?
A: Many players provided feedback regarding ninja, so we touched on the topics via a presentation slide.

The development team believes the following three points are the main issues:

Ninjutsu and mudra combinations being disrupted by GCD timing causes clunkiness.
Ninjutsu is easily influenced by lag, and we were reaching a limit as to how we could adjust it, so we are planning to restructure ninjutsu itself. The playstyle of putting mudra together will remain, but they will not be weaved between GCDs.

Instead, we are thinking the playstyle would be something along the lines of:
Use a combo > use ninjutsu > return to combo

However, this change would require readjusting ninja’s entire DPS, so we were unable to make the adjustments in time for patch 5.05. Therefore these adjustments will be made in patch 5.1.

Too many inputs are required to perform rotations for maximum damage output.
In order to reduce input complexity, we are currently considering reducing the number of combo routes from 3 to 2.

The party utility of Trick Attack and ninja’s total damage output need to be balanced.
Ninja has a lot of influence over a party's overall DPS by increasing damage dealt to an enemy through Trick Attack, so ninja's personal DPS has a trade off relationship with Trick Attack's effect. With that being said, ninja's personal DPS currently seems to be a little low, so we'll be making adjustments in patch 5.08.

However, please keep in mind that those adjustments may be readjusted again when we make changes to ninjutsu in patch 5.1.

Q: As a samurai, a pure DPS without party utility, I feel like we should be able to output more DPS. Also, the conditions to use Shoha are difficult to use in real situations. Hagakure's effect is bit lacking as well... Please let us know what your plans are moving forward.
A: First of all, we agree that there are very few situations where Shoha can be used. We were unable to make technical adjustments to the programming in time for patch 5.05, so we are scheduling changes for 5.1, and hoping to allow Meditate stacks to be accumulated through additional means, such as skill rotations.

We believe Hagakure was the cause of the skill rotation becoming too difficult, so we intentionally did not want it to return to the skill rotation. It was added back with its current values to allow players to reset their Sen in certain situations, such as dungeon boss battles or phases where the boss cannot be targeted.

As for samurai's DPS, samurai’s burst is designed to take advantage of party buffs from other party members. However, we agree that its DPS is low compared to that of black mage, another pure DPS job. Black mage was balanced around being the only magic ranged DPS without Raise and party buffs, and we believe samurai should do a little bit more damage as it is in a similar situation, so its potency values will be slightly adjusted in patch 5.08.

However, please bear in mind that these values may be readjusted again when changes are made to Shoha in patch 5.1.

Q: Summoner has many buttons to press and is very busy. It also bothers me that refreshing DoTs at the timing you activate Dreadwyrm Trance/Firebird Trance causes the DoTs to fall off for a few seconds, even when using Tri-Disaster. Are there any plans to reduce the amount of button pressing or to adjust the duration of the DoTs?
A: The development team is working to adjust the difficulty of needing to press so many buttons.
Regarding DoTs, we've received lots of feedback saying that players would like DoT durations extended, but we are instead considering reworking Ruin spells so that their potency will no longer be dependent on the number of DoTs inflicted on the target.

Easing the difficulty of playing summoner is still in a phase where it's being considered. On the other hand, the change to Ruin spells will be scheduled for patch 5.08 if we determine that the adjustment is effective.

Ninja, samurai, and summoner are on high priority for changes, but these are still in development so we cannot go into too much detail for now.

Q: Bard was made easier to manage in 5.0, but since the number of songs hasn't increased, the job seems to be lacking in party support. Do you have any plans to add songs that'll support the party?
A: In patch 5.0, we simplified bard's management and removed many of the job's party synergy effects, though we left a few such as Battle Voice and Nature's Minne to differentiate it from machinist. Giving bard more party utility would make bard closer to dancer, and would require bard's damage to be lowered. Slightly increasing bard's utility while slightly lowering its personal damage would be a difficult adjustment to balance.

However, we understand that some of these requests for party utility are not about job balance, but rather about a thematic change to bard so the job would support the party through songs. We would like to consider player opinion, so please continue to provide feedback on the forums so we may reference it for future adjustments.

As for the request to differentiate the sound effect for the Soul Voice gauge and Pitch Perfect, we will address it.

Q: Thanks for the adjustments made towards astrologian! Both the controllability and heal potency has increased and it feels much better. Do you have any plans to add new effects to the cards?
A: We are truly sorry about the initial issues with the feel of the job that resulted from various adjustments to reduce its party synergy.

Regarding card effects, they were changed to their current iteration because we received feedback from all regions that players did not want "useless cards." While the current iteration does indeed reduce the excitement of drawing a "good card", if we were to add various different card effects, then we would just return to fishing for the most favorable one, so we decided to simplify it. We plan on continuing with the current iteration for now.

Q: There were no tank-related adjustments in Patch 5.05. Are there any plans to adjust them? I think the balance is there, but I'd like some more adjustments to warrior's damage.
A: I don't believe there are currently any differences between the tanks that would be considered "major disparities." With that being said, we are looking at the Savage feedback for anything we may have overlooked, so it's not as if we think the current implementation is perfect. We'll continue to consider possible adjustments in 5.1, such as increasing the duration of defensive buffs.

Q: Please allow us to confirm the help text for fairy actions through the scholar actions that activate them.
A: I'll consider what can be done to have this one implemented as early as possible.

Q: Please set appropriate item level restrictions for leveling dungeons. Currently, it's possible for players to enter even if their item level is far too low to actually complete the dungeon…
A: We understand the issue and have been discussing it within the development team. Simply setting an item level requirement may create new problems, so we’re trying to come up with a different solution.

Q: Thanks for the major updates to PvP between 5.0 and 5.05! I'd like to hear any future PvP adjustments that are planned, and anything about next season you can share.
A: We've received lots of feedback that there aren't enough actions, and so we plan on increasing the number of actions for each job to about 16 actions in patch 5.1. Some of the possible changes include giving tanks group defensive abilities, healers group healing capabilities, and giving all jobs self-healing actions in the form of charged actions.

Additionally in patch 5.1, we are planning to introduce a new PvP content, which the development team currently refers to as "Seal Rock 2" internally. However, this may be slightly delayed depending on the situation.

Story/Lore Related

Q: Shadowbringers was incredible! I was amazed by how it answered some of the main mysteries, such as the Ascian's objective, the past of the Warriors of Darkness, and the Crystal Exarch. How long have you been thinking about this story?
A: Please note this answer has spoilers!

Back when the Warriors of Darkness first appeared (in the patch 3.x series), we didn’t have any of these plans set.

Around patch 3.4 Soul Surrender, we were thinking about how to wrap up the foreshadowing for the Warriors of Darkness, and we decided that the Minfilia of the Source would be traveling to the First to become its savior, which served as a backstory for the scenario in 5.0. From there we decided that the Warrior of Light would eventually travel to the First and discover what happened to Minfilia and the others, as well as the reason why the Worlds were divided.

However even at that point, we hadn't decided a timing for it. We first wanted to mark a conclusion to the stories of Doma, Ala Mhigo, and Garlean Empire in patch 4.0, so it wasn't until about two weeks after Stormblood release that we finally decided we would do it in 5.0. At this point, we came up with the Crystal Exarch's character, the Trust system featuring the Scions, and revealing truth behind the Ascians.

As a side note, the "Hydaelyn kick" was based on an illustration by the Art team. It's a great illustration that emulates ancient cave paintings in the real world, but we didn't think it would garner as much attention as it has.

Q: I thought there were lots of cool things that combined the system and lore, such as how the Crystal Exarch calls forth the heroes before fighting the last boss, Feo Ul taking on the role of retainers, etc. How did these ideas come to life?
A: World lore creator/main scenario writer Banri Oda will be going to gamescom, and art team lead Takeo Suzuki and main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa and will be visiting PAX West the following week. We might touch upon those types of topics at those events, so we’ll only touch upon it lightly for today.

Regarding the lore of the First, Oda and I discussed what the Warrior of Light would be able to carry with them when crossing over to the First, and decided that the WoL could bring over items that they considered personal belongings (think "carry-on luggage"). This would not include retainers, and so Feo Ul was born in their place. Oda will probably talk about the finer details at gamescom.

Q: I was amazed by the detailed expressions in the 5.0 cutscenes, including fine details such as eye movements. I'd like to hear what kind of challenges and improvements were made to the cutscenes this time.
A: We actually began consciously increasing the quality of cutscenes sometime between patch 4.2 and 4.3. We took to heart that we weren't simply showing a conversation, but filming a scene, and made many improvements to emphasize expression.

Additionally, the new staff members who joined the team for the development of 5.0 took care to portray these scenes with a "current FFXIV" approach, rather than simply producing them in the same manner that FFXIV had been using till then. I believe that this helped to improve the quality of the cutscenes even further.

Ishikawa will probably talk more in detail about the efforts that were involved during this process at PAX West.

Q: When riding the trolley in Amh Araeng, I was amazed that the tracks were going through the same hill heading toward Camp Horizon in the Source. I'd like to hear more on other fields that connect the Source to the First.
A: As the patch 5.x series has just begun, we won't elaborate on this for now!

Q: In the future, will we be able to take our Trusts into 5.1 and later main scenario quest dungeons? I really liked Crystal Exarch, so I'd like to fight alongside him once again. Also, I would like to see new NPCs, such as Estinien and Hien added too!
A: Regarding Trusts, we had many ideas such as fighting primals together, or reworking Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium into a 4-player instance where you battle alongside Raubahn and other Grand Company leaders. However, we cannot possibly implement all of them at once. For now, in patch 5.1 we made it so you can go to the new MSQ dungeons with Trusts. We also plan on making MSQ dungeons work with Trusts in future patches as well.

As a side note, while progressing the MSQ in 5.1, they'll come with you as part of the story mode as they did during the 5.0 main scenario, so you won’t have to worry about having to level them up through the Trust leveling system.

Q: Were the sandwiches from the MSQ quests handmade by the Exarch himself? If it's hand-made I'll store it safely, but if not, I'll just eat 'em up, so let me know!
A: I don't know lol. I think it’s okay to just eat them…

Q: I loved Emet Selch! Are there any plans to further dive into his past?
A: I think we'll see more of the situation that befell them. It's a story we've only seen from one perspective so far, so please think of it as a surprise for later.

Q: There were lots of cutscenes in the sidequests this time and it really demonstrated the Quest team's hard work. Do you have any sidequests you'd recommend?
A: This is different from a recommendation, but I was very anxious that the pixies in Il Mheg would be a repeat of our experience with the Moogles. We made various tweaks so they wouldn't be disliked, and I’m glad to see we managed to barely avoid that.

The sidequest I'd recommend is the one about the dwarf that can’t properly greet others. Because he’s reluctant to accept himself, he's unable to understand his own strengths, and it made me really feel that these characters truly live in this world.

Q: Yoshi-P, which of the main protagonists in Shadowbringers is your favorite?
A: Of the new characters, I really liked Runar. The way that he cares deeply for Y'shtola really moved me, and through him, we can see another side to Y'shtola's personality. His voice actor was amazing.

I also liked Thancred’s comments when he was battling against Ran'jit. We wanted to make the nature of his emotional attachment much clearer. We were very particular about how he collapsed after the battle. The animator first came up with something where he fell in a realistic manner, but it looked uncool and I felt he wouldn’t fall down like that even if no one was there to see him, so we adjusted it.

I also liked Urianger. There's a scene where he comforts another character where we get to show his gentler side, as well as touch on the burdens he's carried up until now. Remembering that scene still moves me. Again, I felt the voice acting was amazing.

Q: As before, all the new music tracks were amazing. I would like to know if there were any songs that were challenging to compose or left some memories.
A: * This question was answered by Sound Director Soken.

Of course, it was "Shadowbringers"!

It was originally released for the first time in the teaser trailer in last October’s Las Vegas Fan Festival, then in February we released a different version in Paris, and finally we had the current version, for a total of three different versions, so I have many memories surrounding it.

In the first version, I was singing in my own booth instead of the studio, so the vocals turned out like that lol. I also think it's worth taking a look at the lyrics after you've completed the main scenario.

Q: In the Eorzea Encyclopedia II it mentions that the statues found within Amdapor were made in the image of transcendent beings from yet another plane. Was this referring to the Sin Eaters from the First?
A: In the sense of "if you look back at the lore book, you notice certain things," that was done intentionally.

Q: After trying out Eden, I was shocked by the Warriors of Light's imagination. How on earth did they come up with that version of Leviathan and Titan!?
A: Maybe it was something like...
"Leviathan was Patch 2.1? 2.2? He was attacking from two locations...was that a head? Tail?”, and since Leviathan looks sort of like a dragon, it mixed with the Shinryu mechanic and became something like that... Perhaps the Wandering Minstrel was also influenced by how the WoL described them, and that’s why things turned out to be so difficult.

Titan is likely due to Thancred bringing up the topic of falling, which probably got mixed in with falling boulders and charging Goblin Tanks.

Q: When are you planning to release the next Beast Tribe quests?
A: It will be added in patch 5.1. Please look forward to it!

Q: The MSQ was great, but so were The Crystalline Mean quests. Will they be continued in the future?
A: They are completed for now. If there are enough requests, we might do something, but at the moment we don’t have any plans in particular.

Q: The "La hee!" from the Rak'tika Greatwood music is stuck in my head! I'd like to know what the lyrics are!
A: * This question was answered by Sound Director Soken.

I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Honestly, I don’t know either...
Let's just say that the lyrics are unknown!

Q: Machinist's new Automaton: Queen is super cool! However the job quest didn't really explain why machinists suddenly can call out this robot. Please explain it in the lore, as well as scholar's Seraph summon!
A: Oda will probably talk about it, so I won't talk about it now. Personally, I want to support the theory I saw on Twitter about how the turret tried its best and turned into the Automaton.

Q: The Protectors of the Wood sidequest in the Rak'tika Greatwood mentioned coeurls and Namazu. Although coeurls can be seen in the First, I haven't seen any Namazu! Will they be appearing at a later time?
A: Well, the Namazu of the Source avoided extinction thanks to the efforts of the Warrior of Light, right? Perhaps the Namazu on the First are already... but there’s always the chance of survivors... I guess only Oda would know the truth!

Q: Is the dancer in the opening trailer Lyna? I'd like to see her dancing while wearing the artifact set!
A: The rough sketch of the opening movie was first drawn up in September 2017. At this time our intention was simply to show the new jobs and new races. However, it seems like over the course of developing the MSQ they made Lyna similar to the character shown in the video. So while we didn't intend for it to be the same character, I don’t know how the lore will be in the future.

Q: In Tempest, the music doesn't change even when you enter battle. I imagine this is intentional, since the large-scale FATE changes the music, but I'm curious about the reason behind this.
A: It's intended to offer the atmosphere of a quiet seafloor, with foam appearing and foreshadowing incoming danger. Some of you may have noticed that unlike other areas, the entrance is darker but it gradually grows lighter as you go further. I think we’ll be talking about this at PAX West as well.

Q: The Amaurot area in Tempest is very beautiful. There's a very tall building outside of the accessible southern area, will we ever be able to visit it?
A: The entire city is a mirage, so you can't go there. To be frank, we haven't even made it. Please think of it as due to the limitations of its architect (and the development team).

Q: Is there a way to tell the difference between male and female dwarves when they are wearing helmets?
A: No, I don't think there is. Dwarves are dwarves, allies are allies, and the people you should love are the people you should love. There's no need to, so that's how it is intended.

Q: I'm curious what meol tastes like. Is there a food in the real world that would taste similar to it?
A: I think it varies for each person, but personally, when I was checking it, I thought it was just bread.

When you go to a bakery, there's that moment when you see something and you're like "I have to have this one!" It’s kind of like that. I think it’s probably sweet. I think what you would imagine as "I have to have this!" is what meol is. Though, if you eat it, you might become a Forgiven...

Battle Content-Related

Q: Due to the loot changes in Eden (Savage), we're seeing disagreements between pickup groups over the loot. For someone like me without a static, I'm worried that I won't be able get any gear aside from exchange items. Do you have any plans to adjust the loot system?
A: While sometimes you may not win any loot, on the other hand, there’s also the chance that you win all the loot, so it’s quite difficult. In terms of sheer probability, the current system should come out on top. I think it’s at least better than having items drop for a role no one plays, so I think for now I’d like to leave things as is.

Q: With the addition of more jobs, it's become harder to get desired weapon drops from extreme trials. I would like the system to be changed to something similar as of those in Eden.
A: We discussed this before patch 5.0. We thought perhaps with the current difficulty of extreme trials, and the fact that you can get your weapon after 10 clears, it would fine as it is. But when I personally cleared 15 times, the weapon I wanted didn't even drop once, so "maybe it’s not good enough...?" is how I currently feel.

Q: With the World Visit system now in place, it's harder to see a Hunt enemy's actions due to the number of players, so I would like to see adjustments on display priority. Furthermore, the speed in which it gets taken down is much faster now, so it's harder to join in casually. I would like to see something like Hunts which can be only done with players from Home World players to be considered.
A: I think changing it to be Home World-only isn’t the way to go about it. Although there may be a lot of players right now since the expansion was just released, I think things will gradually calm down, so please think of it as a special period for now. Adjusting the display priority would cause a lot of strain, so it would impossible to adjust it for A rank hunts.

Q: Is it a bug that we can change our direction during Jump? Is this going to get fixed? I believe there's various opinions regarding this one, but I personally am enjoying this, so would like this to be untouched.
A: Dragoons can currently change their direction during their Jump abilities. If this becomes a sort of necessary technique, we may have to disable it for those abilities. We don't have plans to disable changing directions during a normal jump.

Q: When going through FATEs in the new areas, I tend to cap out on the Bicolor Gems quickly. Can you increase the cap?
A: We've noticed it's inconvenient that you tend to cap out before you rank up and unlock more exchangeable items. We're currently considering adjustments.

Q: Will we ever see Viera and Hrothgar recruits for the Company Squadron?
A: We're considering implementing them at some point.

Q: Do you have any plans to ease Eureka so weapon upgrades/progression can be done with a smaller party or solo?
A: This is something we're currently discussing, and we plan on working on it. We haven’t made a decision yet, but we may add new Logos Actions to make it easier to play solo.

Q: Do you have plans to add a feature to recruit or search for Free Companies, also community groups other than the Free Company/Linkshell?
A: We are currently coming up with a new feature we've tentatively named "Circles," which will be less restrictive than linkshells. You can create a Circle for certain activities, which you can register for and it will send you notifications. You could also use it like some kind of "customer list." This will be added in patch 5.1, and we're hoping to cover it in the next LIVE letter.

Q: The beard on the Hyur shown in the patch notes and benchmark software is cool. Do you have any plans to give this beard as an option for players in the future?
A: We were trying to add this as an option, but it wasn’t something that could be done easily. It was something that required specifying a Hyuran male face pattern. Though it may take time, we’re discussing to see if we can make it work somehow.

Q: I used fantasia to change to Viera and I'm enjoying it. As they're a special race and it may not be possible, but feel like the number of hairstyles available for Viera and Hrothgar is quite limited. Do you have plans to add more in the future?
A: We certainly plan on adding more, so please wait for future patches. However, it will still be race-specific, so there won’t be as many selections when compared to other races.

Q: Are there any plans for a new Deep Dungeon in 5.x?
A: That's still a secret.

Q: I'm looking forward to the alliance raid coming in Patch 5.1 and I'm curious to see what kind of gear we'll be able to get. Also, would there be any chance that we'll see weapons as a reward? I don't mind it being purely for glamour, but I want that katana shown in the art!
A: Actually, I happened to check the models for the rewards today. I provided some feedback, but they were very well-made. We made the decision to make the costumes wearable by both genders, so please look forward to it!

A katana weapon would be limited to certain jobs only, so we haven’t planned for them at the moment, but we may consider it if highly requested. I think we’ll have a guest with us for the 5.1 Letter LIVE to talk about YoRHa, so please look forward to it!

Q: Will there be an Extreme version of the "last boss" battle?
A: It will be added in 5.1.

Q: The level sync feature of the 5.0 sidequests were very helpful while leveling my other jobs. I hope they will be added for sidequests in 4.x and older.
A: I understand how you feel, but it would require recreating all the data, so it has a very high manpower cost associated with. The New Game+ that is currently in development also requires a lot of resources, so we’re currently allocating resources there. As a side note, we’ll be working on adjusting the A Realm Reborn main scenario to be more compact, which is scheduled for patch 5.3.

Q: Please allow us to challenge The Great Hunt (Extreme) in an undersized party, so I can go with more friends.
A: This is currently being worked on.

Q: I would like to know more about the end-game content for Disciples of Hand and Land, the Restoration of Ishgard!
A: Please look forward to future Letter from the Producer LIVEs!

Q: I feel like the amount of time/effort required to level desynthesis and the returns don't match. Do you have plans to make major changes to the desynthesis system?
A: We'll be making fundamental changes to Disciples of the Hand and Land-related systems starting with patch 5.1. Desynthesis rates will be changed to be 100% guaranteed, and leveling up one skill will no longer lower others. Our plan is for desynthesis to be something you use when you have a surplus of something. I’ll provide more details on this when we’ve solidified the details.

Q: I feel like the amount of resources required to craft the materials needed for weaver recipes is higher than other crafting classes. I would like to see some type of easing adjustment to be made, such as lowering the number of threads required to create a cloth, or adding a recipe to create cloth directly.
A: We're planning on adjusting certain recipes that aren’t well balanced.

Q: As a gatherer, it's frustrating when monsters appear near gathering nodes, especially in the Rak'tika Greatwood where Sweet Marjoram can be gathered. Would adjustments be possible?
A: In patch 5.1, we’ll be changing how stealth works for gatherers , including being ignored even while mounted. Please look forward to future updates!

System Related

Q: My main jobs are all battle-related, and whenever a new raid is introduced I ask others for help with melding materia. However, the success rate is purely based on luck, so there are times where it requires a good amount of time for the melding, and I feel bad for the person helping. Can you consider adding this feature so we can do them through NPCs?
A: I'm not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but we’re considering further ways to make the overmelding process much quicker. Since leveling up a crafter isn’t too difficult, we recommend leveling them up once the expansion has calmed down a bit. We understand that the fun of crafting is hard to convey, so we’d like to make changes to ensure more people can enjoy crafting.

Q: With the addition of more jobs, the main arms section of my Armoury chest is constantly full. If it's possible, can you increase the amount of slots for the main arm? If possible, rings too!
A: This is limited by data transfer amounts, so it is currently difficult. Like with adding more housing plots, in order to maintain a positive gameplay feel, we need to make sure these additions don’t negatively affect server load. The issue is less about database space, and more about the amount of data each character carries around with them. When the character carries around a large amount of data and teleports all over the place, this increases the amount of data being transferred and increases the server load.

However, this doesn't mean we won’t be adding more in the future.

Q: There are lots of interesting pop-up dialogue boxes from NPCs, but they're sometimes hard to read. Would it be possible to change the display size or have the text be displayed for a bit longer?
A: They're implemented in a way that they won’t strain the rendering, and so allowing the text to scale would make it quite difficult in terms of the rendering process. However, I agree they can be difficult to read when playing at higher resolutions, so I do hope we can do something. Making them adjustable is difficult, but it might be possible to increase the size of them altogether, so we’ll consider this.

Q: I love Feo Ul! I would like to change my scholar's fairy to look like Feo Ul!
A: You never know if Feo Ul will listen to your orders... They might refuse to heal you until you agree to solving riddles for 7 days and 7 nights... that seems impossible.

Q: Please add the aesthetician in the Crystarium's Inn!
A: We also discussed this during development. As mentioned earlier, the aesthetician is also not the Warrior of Light's "personal belonging," so he can't travel to the First. There were ideas about having Feo Ul cut your hair, but that requires skill and technique, so I don’t think that would be possible. Please at least remember the Source when you want to adjust your hairstyle.

Q: Are there plans to make it easier to tell if an attack is physical or magical?
A: I believe we answered this before, but we haven’t implemented this yet as it would delay the patches. We often make last minute balance changes, and we might have to change a physical/magical attack right before release. If we were to display this information, we’d have to change the UI whenever we make such an adjustment, which would delay the patch release. Please understand that we are not intentionally trying to hide information.

Q: Please add a preview for battle voices in the character creation menu. We hear them quite often while playing, so I'd like to make sure I pick the one I want.
A: It'll take some time, but I'd like to have this implemented if possible.

Q: I often find myself ending up with a lot of equipment with low durability when leveling my jobs. Would it be possible to add a feature that repairs all the items in my Armoury Chest at once?
A: Let's repair whenever possible!

Q: Sometimes when I unlock a new action, I forget to add it to my hotbar. Please make it easier to tell whether an action is already placed on a hotbar or not.
A: Please take a look at your level, then make sure that all of the available actions up to that level are on your hotbar.

We’ve made it so you can add actions to your hotbar before you unlock them, so please try using that feature. It's quite helpful if you add all your actions up to level 80 beforehand. You can also use the configuration backup feature to save your settings in case you lose your configuration files.

Q: Do you have any plans to add crafted primal weapons for gunbreaker and dancer?
A: Sorry, we don't have the free resources to account for this at the moment. The character team might slowly work on it between patches, but I can’t say "we’ll do it."

Q: I love the gear that NPCs are wearing in Shadowbringers. Do you have any plans to add Y'shtola or Exarch's robes as optional items?
A: I personally want Y’shtola's outfit, so we’ll have that made soon.

Q: I'd love to see dwarven furnishings added for Lalafell!
A: This should be possible, but let me make sure.

Q: Would it be possible to remove the Unique trait from rings so that we can equip two of the same rings (like those purchased with tokens/from raids)?
A: While I do understand why you’d want this, it then becomes difficult to manage. I think it’d be more likely to just remove a ring slot.

Q: Are there any plans for a housing area or apartments in Norvrandt?
A: It’s hard to say, since we don’t know what’s going to happen in the First from here on out… Though we have talked about how it might be fun to have Norvrandt-themed apartments.

Q: Please add more varieties of dyes, especially pink/purple/yellow, which don't have as many variations.
A: This is also related to the data transfer amount. Adding more palettes might be difficult, but I'll check and make sure.

Q: Please add a minion of Feo Ul!
A: I think it’ll be added at some point in the future. I thought player opinion would be more divided on Feo Ul, but I’m glad so many players liked them!

Q: The weapon designs in 5.0 have been very cool. Would it be possible to add a housing furnishing item that can display your weapons?
A: The point where your weapon is attached to the character model is different depending on the weapon type, which I think would result in frustrating situations where the weapons won’t display the way you want them to. I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s something we’d have to carefully consider.

Q: I'd like to be allow my minions to roam around my house, like they do in the Gold Saucer's Minion Square.
A: I’ve mentioned this before, but for minions to walk around the house, they would need to avoid other objects, which doesn’t seem like something we can do with the current housing system. It’ll take some time before we can announce it, but we’re planning a sort of “farm” for them, so please look forward to it.

Q: Please make the purple trees in Lakeland available as a housing item!
A: This should be possible. Please look forward to it!

Q: There was a mysterious singer at the Fan Festival who was wearing a Byakko-themed kimono. When will the kimono be added to the game? I'd even buy it for 20 million gil!
A: I don't think this will be added…