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    Cutter's Cry loot list bug

    Items remain in loot list after exiting the dungeon if you do not select "take" from the loot list micro menu prior to exiting. When exiting, the item does actually drop into your inventory, but it still appears in loot list after exiting but you can not take, give or drop it.

    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: Unknown
    Date & Time: Irrelevant
    Frequency: All the time
    Character Name: Meowy Wowie
    Race: Miqo'te
    World: Fabul
    Class/Level: Irrelevant (Various lv50)
    Area and Coordinates: Cutter's Cry (Northern Thanalan 27,13)
    Party or Solo: Party
    NPC Name: N/A
    Monster Name: N/A
    In-Game Time: Irrelevant
    1. Enter Cutter's Cry
    2. Obtain any loot from within the dungeon and leave it in your loot list
    3. Exit Cutter's Cry with the item still in your loot list
    4. Read log, it will say "You obtained "item".
    5. Check loot list. The item will still remain but you will be unable to perform any actions on it (Take, Give, Drop)

    Additional notes:
    If you reenter the dungeon with this bug still active (only logging out of the game will make it go away) and another items falls into your loot list, you will crash the game by selecting "Take" on this new item (the one that is actually in your loot list). You will still receive the item, but the game crashes regardless.

    It's unknown if selecting any other action from the micro menu will also crash the game, though I believe it would.

    This bug happens to everyone apparently, not just myself. It also happens every time you exit the dungeon with something in your inventory. I do not know if it is unique to Cutter's Cry, though.

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    Greetings MeowyWowie!

    Thank you for reporting the bug with all the necessary details. Since we have all the information needed we will gladly forward your concern to be investigated. If there are any updates throughout the investigation, they may be posted within the forums.