Brand new FC of a few friends looking to start fresh and make a mark on Exodus. We're still getting a lot of stuff set up but our goal is to be a "medium-core" FC with a focus on raiding, shenanigans and housing an environment in which enjoying the game is easier. Really, it's about family. Being weird around your family that's come to accept it and still be able to raid with them while wearing a giant namazu headpiece glamour.

We have a few, simple rules to follow (most of it falls under common sense but never hurts to reiterate) and while there are technically ranks, it's mostly just for show. In the end we're all equally terrible, just some are more equal and others more terrible.

If THIS sounds like the sort of FC YOU would like to join or ask questions about then feel free to find us in game or send a message to one of our very fine, very real and serious officers on DISCORD

In game: /tell Vakaren Quietus or /tell Yuuko Horosha

Discord: Idle#7779 or The Lazy Geek#5783

We look forward to hearing from the literal dozens of you reading this!