Hey there!

We are -Equinox-, a friendly, 18+ Free Company on Odin (EU) and we are looking for fellow social, discord-active players to join us. We are a very active FC looking for equally active members who will fit well into our lively community and are ready to dive into Shadowbringers with friends.

Noxies like all kinds of content the game has to offer. We also love raiding as part of the game and encourage everybody to try it out! We even have our very own FC raiding boot camp and love to run raid content with full FC groups.

What we have to offer:

- a friendly, funny and helpful environment for new, returning and veteran players
- an active community
- our own Discord server, which we use frequently for voice and text chat
- FC buffs 24/7
- monthly FC events with in-game prizes (events include: screenshot contests, treasure hunts, mount farming, fashion shows, drinks nights, movie nights and more)
- a lovely large house in the Goblet to hang out at

If you're interested in joining or have any further questions, just contact me or any of our other officers via PM or ingame (Lia Light. Jon Aeonic, Ain Callisto, Yui Hakurei, Truffell Lanverlais, Ciessa Frost) or add me on Discord (Lia#4344) so we can have a chat!

See you in Eorzea!