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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirekyll View Post
    So there's a pretty low chance I can afford the car through MGP atm, only have about 37k and there's only 10 days left. Is there any way it'll some day be on the Mogstation? Would be willing to pay double the price of other mounts for it.
    Since Friday on my alt I started with around how much you started with (40k or so), and I have actually gotten to 200k just over the weekend, from doing my challenge log and scoring high enough in the Fashion Report. I was playing very sparingly and only started doing the challenges this morning, like literally this morning, a few hours before the reset. I could have gotten even more MGP if I had time to complete a couple unfinished entires too.

    Oh, I also won 11k from mini-cactpot a couple times..
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