Hand of Cosmos is a long-lasting community formed in 2014 and is a mature Rank 8 Free Company located on the Malboro server. HoC is currently recruiting New and Veteran Players to join us for the expansion and many more years of friendship. We enjoy running any and all content with each other before reaching out into PF/DF to fill slots. We promote a Friendly, Supportive, Helpful and Fun environment for all.
  • Large Estate in Mist near Market Board
  • Chocobo Stable with complimentary Krakka Roots and training
  • Company Workshop offering all recipes that are open for member use
  • 24/7 XP Buffs Grades 2 & 3
  • Crafting Team to help you obtain any item
  • FC Raid, Craft & Gather, Event Teams; plenty of ways to be involved!
  • FB Group and Discord server exclusive to HoC
  • Occasional FC Events and Giveaways
  • and much more!

If you asked any of our members, they would tell you wholeheartedly that they enjoy being a member, and feel included. That's our goal; for our members to feel like part of a team, and that their membership is valued, we will never recruit for numbers, always Quality > Quantity. If you're looking for a Free Company where you won't be just a number, don't look any further. We would love to talk to you. Apply in game by sending a tell to the FC Leader Norma Bates, or on our website: