72 - Heart of Sabik - when active this ability your generate a red aura . when you cast spells. every spell you cast for its duration will result in a critical hit. as long as your standing still lasts up 15 seconds

Heart of Sabik - Changes 3 of the blm spells into 3 more powerful ones.

Fire 2 = Meltdown
Blizzard 2 = Absolute Zero
Flare = Ultima

74 - Meltdown - deals 210 damage to all targets
addition effect: addition 120 burn damage over 22 seconds
15 second cooldown


Absolute Zero - deals 210 damage to all targets within massive range.
additional effect : 20% chance too freeze solid for 4 seconds

78 -
Ultima - deals 1250 potancy damage aoe
additional effect: all targets hit by ultima have their mp completely drained to 0
additonal effect: your mp is reduced to 0
additional effect: ultima produces no enimity
can only be used if you used both meltdown and absolute zero

80 - Shadow Cast - your next spell deals additional 150 poteny over 22 seconds if that spell is aoe all targets effected by that spell