Date & Time: Most recently 2:45 PM EST
Frequency: Always (every match)
World name: Faerie
Character name: Brielle Vilauclaire
Party or solo: Party
Area and coordinates: Novice Mahjong Ranked Instance

Per the "Play Guide" section of the Lodestone linked here:

The amount of rating points that are supposed to be lost when finishing 4th is supposed to be -10 once you reach the rank of 2nd Kyu, with the amount going up as your rank increases, and no points lost if below that rank.

Just completed a Ranked Novice match, finished 4th, and lost 30 rating points while at the rank of 7th Kyu.

Either the Play Guide on the Lodestone is not accurately representing the rating changes in-game, or the in-game rating changes are being tallied incorrectly.