Date & Time: around 6 am (CST)
Frequency: once (Did not attempt to recreate)
World name: Mateus
Character name: Levin Azure
Retainer name: Floofminion (Possibly my second one Floofminiontwo, I can't remember now)
NPC name: Fionnuala
Monster name:
Class/Level: 60 BSM
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: Unsure
Area and coordinates: Foundation, The Arc of the Humble (x 10.1 Y 10.3)
1. Went to turn in levemete
2. Handed over three Mythrite Zweihanders after having crafted them myself
3. Declined the quest reward (full description as to why below)
4. Abandoned the quest [Too big to miss (L)]
5. Discovered that the swords were missing when trying to sell them through retainer.
6. Triple checked all inventories, regular, armory, chocobo saddlebag, and both retainers, and did a search for item to find nothing.

Recently I turned lv 60 BSM while doing levemetes, I didn't know that the EXP gains changed past that point from a whopping 2 million, to just 3000 for the large scaled leves, which I only found out after handing over three mythrite zweihanders that I had crafted (And are definitely not too cheap for me to craft considering market prices xnx
It even showed the usual exp gain inside my quest journal beforehand, when I checked to see what items it gave back as well. I figured 10 mythrite nuggets and 3k EXP were not worth it, and would rather try and sell them. I didn't realize that they were gone until I went straight to my retainer, and discovered they were missing from my inventory, three holes at the beginning of the first page where they were. Does hitting decline on a levequest after handing over items really have you just give your things away for no reward? (Basically deleting them at this point) If I could have the swords back, that'd be more than excellent. It's not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I would hope that this would be fixed, or at least provide some sort of warning or just get rid of the decline button altogether.