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    Lightbulb San Guo Sha Crossover & Another Gold Saucer Mini game/Card Game

    To create a opportunity for a cross over event with "San Guo Sha" card game(Dynasty Warriors, Dynastic Tactics, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Legend of the Three Kingdoms) and FFXIV, while creating an additional mini game in the Gold Saucer

    "San Guo Sha" also known as Legends of the Three Kingdoms is a popular chinese card game with an english translated counter-part. There is an online version of this card game.

    This card game pits up to 10 players against one another in a fun,deceptive, and sometimes lengthy battle of wits and attrition.

    There are multiple roles and teams. In a game of 10 players there are;

    One Monarch and Three Ministers (A team of four)
    Four Rebels (A team of four)
    Two Turn-coats(Two teams of one)

    *turn-coats are wild card players, they are on their own team but can assist any player to achieve their own victory condition.
    The turn-coats victory condition is to defeat the Monarch as the last player in a 1 on 1 situation.(if two turn-coats are alive and the monarch is defeated then the victory goes to the rebels)*

    An example of a character from this card game;

    Character Name: GUAN Yu
    Allegiance: SHU

    Health: Four(4)

    Character Ability(ies);
    Saint of War - You may use or play your hearth or diamond card as Strike.

    Friendship Discontinuity - Once per turn, during your Play Phase, you may compare cards with another Hero.If you win, that hero cannot use or play any hand cards and all non-passive abilities are invalid. If you lose, you may let that hero recover 1 life.

    I believe that a cross over event such as this would be extremely popular world wide if not in the chinese market as well.

    Final Fantasy XIV has many unique and wonderful characters that could easily be implemented in either a FFXIV iteration of "San Guo Sha" or a stand alone game similar to it.

    Here is an english link to how the game is played via physical card;
    Here is a link to the official chinese online gameplay;

    With the success of Doman Mahjong I felt that this card game would be incredibly fun to play with a Final Fantasy XIV spin to it.

    Some lore suggestions;
    Story- Some ancient tomes have been found detailing legends and tales of warriors from a long forgotten calamity, as well as games made from these heroes of myth.

    The "Roles" for a FFXIV iteration of this game;
    One Emperor and three Legatus ( A team of 4)
    Four Warriors of Light and Darkness ( A team of 4) - *Light Party based*
    Two Ascians(Two teams of 1)

    An example of a FFXIV Character that could be implemented into "San Guo Sha"

    Character Name: Y'Shtola Rhul
    Allegiance: Scions

    Health: Three(3)
    *Limit Break: Healing
    Astral Stasis - Heals All Players In Weapon Range To Full Health

    Character Ability(ies);

    Collective Unconscious
    Places a shield that prevents 1 Damage On Up to 4 Targets by Sacrificing 1 Hand Card Per Target. Can Not stack

    Draw -Passive- Player may Draw 1 hand card outside of their turn. Once per round

    Shuffle - Player may shuffle the deck on their own turn.

    *Additional Game Mechanics could be added to fit into the FFXIV version of this card game.
    Such as a Limit Break or Aether Gauge;
    As damage is given and received across the game a "Gauge" Will build then if any player has a "Limit Break" Action card, they can execute a limit break based on their character.

    Physical Merchandise or a physical version of this game would be possible for Square Enix to market as well in a global market.
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