Messegners of Zion!

Looking for members new and old to come join!

Looking for a place to call home? A place where you can log in and feel welcomed? Perhaps we can be that FC for you!

Zion is a family friendly FC that's focused on enjoying the many things the game has to offer. From Content running, to leveling, to crafting. Zion aims to be a place where people can find a community of friends to enjoy the game with one another.

Why Join us?
We've all been at this point before: New to the server, lost an FC, or simply looking for new friends after a bridges are burned with old FC's. Finding a new community can be rough, and building new friendships can be even more so. We here at Zion want to bring a welcoming personality to every new member who joins. Every person here is family

We offer a discord for those who want to chill and talk to one another as a way of building friendships outside of the game alone.

If you interested in becoming a part of the family let us know. We would love to have you become a part of the family!