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Sephirot has 1 water attack, and that's only used in phase 1. He has far more wind moves like his breath that pushes you back, and the ability that pops you into the air. Ratzon is his sole water move I believe. His colors based move is also wind (Green) and Earth (Yellow). Besides Storm of Words, he pushes you back using his breath, Malkuth. That's pretty windy. Ascension is the action after Storm of Words that shoots you into the air. Da'at in Hebrew means something about an empty state... which could imply a vacuum... which would be associated with air rushing in to fill the empty space. Trees in the Square Enix world also tend to be associated with wind, hence why wind is green.

One of the main waits you can derive tertiary elements is adds. The Ananta during the extreme phase cast water spells, while Water IIIs will occasionally rain down. Her other attacks, such as the one that leaves puddles, leaves a blue flame effect.

Sophia's Adds use Ice magic. Similar to Ravana's butterflies.
First, thank you for giving a more detailed perspective on the wind debate, compared to most of the others I've seen.

Second, I owe you and anyone else who read one of my previous posts an apology. While there was no hostility in it, after rereading it, it could be percieved as such, an that was not my intention.

I still don't agree with Wind, since, in my opinion, more evidence seems to point towards water, but I am willing to agree to disagree. I'm tired of obsessing over it anyway; maybe now I can sleep.