I hope this is in the right section, but anyway, I want to let the team know that I've been enjoying the addition of mahjong a lot (though I'm definitely still learning how to play)! Myself and some others who have been playing quite a bit have a few things we'd really like to see.

1. If possible, we'd like to see our character in the game panel, doing the emotes like the other players. Also, if the emotes we use via the chat commands can be reflected in the game window as well, that'd be great
2. More tile sets would be awesome! Grand Companies are a common idea, but all of the city-states would be great as well.
3. Allow us to open the settings menu in the instance, and at least make /bgm work.

For real though, this is a great addition and I'm excited to see what other types of games you guys are able to add in the future!