13th Jan 2019 7:00am GMT+10
Frequency: Past 2 weeks every time Hells Lid is entered
World name: Behemoth
Character name: Pax Tharcus and Clarissa Tharcus
Monster name: Otake-Maru
Party or solo: Party
Area and coordinates: Hells Lid

Problem is my fiance and I have been getting Hells lid as our lvl 70 roulette a few times now over the past 2 weeks. Weve been noticing something off but couldnt put our fingers on it till yesterday, when we realised Otake-maru when he chases something while spewing lava, wasnt showing his lava. Now I play on PC and my fiance is on the PS4, shes in the US and im in Australia, so we thought it could be our settings. After changing settings around including the battle effect settings, we went in a couple more times, and each time we didnt see any lava. We are more curious to know if this is indeed a visual settings that we havent noticed or a visual error that were both getting as the people in our parties each time could see the lava, while we couldnt. And again, I play on PC and she plays on the PS4 and were in seperate countries with different ISP. Thanks in advance and for the work you guys and all the other teams and members who work on this incredible game so that my fiance and I and millions like us can continue to enjoy.