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    Not really SURE if this is a bug or not

    Date & Time: 1/8/19 11:08 PM
    Frequency: all the time
    World name: Malboro
    Character name: Leafe Alexandria
    1. Ride a Carbuncle mount
    2. It plays Merry Wanderer Waltz. I'm not sure if this is intended because it sounds like it doesn't fit at all. I'm suspecting they accidentally linked the wrong song to the mount. I know they said they were changing the music on the Carbuncle Mount but this doesn't sound right at all, which is why I'm reporting this as a POSSIBLE bug(not really a bug, more of an accident if was unintentional. If it WAS intentional, please change it to something else more fitting)
    Didn't post all the other information as it wasn't relevant to the possible bug. Really none of this except the steps are relevant as other people are experiencing it as well
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