Date & Time: 12/24/2018
Frequency: Always
World name: Sargatanas
Character name: Talon Xavier
Retainer name: None
NPC name: None
Monster name: None
Class/Level: dragoon lvl 70
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: anytime
Area and coordinates: any place
Housing: All areas
1. You go to the aesthetician NPC and you choose the hairstyle that has the single braid going across the top with the short hairstyle. Hairstyle is fairly new.
2. Glamour Republican Eques's Headgear on to your head slot
3. There will be a graphical glitch where part of the head gear will vanish and the hair appears infront of it.

See provided screen shot:

*Add more steps if necessary

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: Broadband
- Modem maker/model number: Motorola Arris

Happens on any computer and can be seen by anyone who sees my character despite platform. Not specific to just me.