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    Recruit a Friend Campaign

    Hello! I recruited a friend back in September, 2014. He was playing on PS3 at that time but then quit the game for many years after few months of subscription. He recently came back to the game buying the PC version, with same account and same character and subscribed for 2 months. He collected more than 90 days of subscription for sure (no free period included), but I never got the Chocobo mount, which should be granted after the 90 days of subscription. Could you explain why that is the case?
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    Good morning and thank you for posting in the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.

    Unfortunately the issue you are describing is not a tech issue. In order to get assistance for the problem please contact the GM team in game, they will be able to assist with the issue. You can also post this in the " Bug" forums as well. To assist with the issue, I will be moving this thread to " In Game Bugs".

    Hope to see you online!