TL;DR: I cancelled the unused ID linked to my Playstation account and have to unlinkn can't remember what email I registered with that ID, have limited access to support, living in Brazil.


I purchased the full game on the Playstation Store last week, seeing as it's on sale and I've been playing on PC but my notebook has to run graphics on the lowest settings to push 19 fps at best.

Back in May was when I first decided to try the game, being bored one afternoon and certain I wouldn't play for very long. I created a Square Enix ID and proceeded to atempt to download the game on PC. The download speed kept falling to 0,01 mbps. Thinking it was an issue with my PC, I thought "well, let's just try on PS4 then".

I soon found out I would have to create another ID, seeing as a you can't do the trial on two systems. Fair enough. I hastly created a second ID and attempted to download the game on PS4. The download speed was the same. Resigned to that fact, I just thought "well, I wanted to play on PC anyways" and deleted the game on PS4, after having linked and logged in and all that.

I soon fell in love with the game and have been playing non-stop for the past 5 months on PC. However, seeing as I have a very average 5 year-old notebook, I can barely get past 15 fps on the lowest graphical settings (I can't do Eureka properly because too much players on screen make my PC beg for death).

Seeing as the game went on sale recently, I decided to purchase it on PS4 and play there to try and get more performance out of the game and enjoy the gorgeous visuals. Doing the initial download and attempting to log in showed that my account was apparently permanently linked to that not used at all ID I had made for trial 5 months ago. I realize it was a very dumb mistake on my part.

So, digging around on Google, I found I should open a ticket to try and solve this. There is a major problem, however. In my infinite wisdom, I thought "well, I'll just cancel that account and it will just unlink automaticaly, right?" Wrong. "Oh, let's just fill this form then." Well... it asks for the e-mail associated with that old unused ID... And I can't remember for the life of me... And I can't try and check what it was anymore because I cancelled the ID... So I just tried to guess the e-mail and hope for the best. But I just got an answer from support and they denied my request because the e-mail I filled in the form doesn't matched their information on file, despite me trying to explain that I didn't remember the e-mail used for sign up in the observations field in the form. I replied the email trying to explain further, but I'm not hopeful.

What should I do then? All I've done so far was cancel the old ID, fill the form for that exact purpose (unlinking IDs) and reply to the email denying my request trying to explain what happened.

I've seen suggestions to just call customer support, but I live in Brazil and can't afford an international call. I also apparently can't even fill the standard support form, as it asks for address and requires State, but just lists US States as options... I'm afraid to just put whatever because it would be false information and could cause even more problems. I had hoped I could just get on a live chat or something like that with someone from support, but I couldn't find anything like that.

Help, I just want to play the game I love so much at 30 fps.

Thank you for your time and for reading this massive wall of text.