In the dungeon, "The Wanderers' Palace (Hard)," there is a Treasure Coffer in "The Long Hall." Coordinates are 11 X Y 8. It is in the corner of the room up against the wall.

The text "Treasure Coffer" shows through the wall to the other side (hallway leading up to the room). I have a 1080p screen (PS4) and the UI at 150%. Admittedly, that's kind of huge but was the default, and I sort of like it... easy on the eyes.

I researched the heck out of this and finally found a video on Youtube where others noticed. It's ~3 years old:

At 22:14 a guy notices it (the girl who is running likely has different resolution so it doesn't bleed through). The coffer itself can be seen at 24:10.

I noticed a similar issue years ago ( and it was sent to "working as intended." I'm fine with that, in fact I don't think this (or that) is a bug at all. Rather just resolutions have changed over the years. Note, the NPC could not communicate, that was my error. You could just see the text/quest marker.

Anyway, I have horrible OCD :-) ... my thoughts are that this isn't a bug as the game is working properly; i.e. it's normal for text to go through walls. Not great design perhaps, and does reveal the location of a hidden coffer; however this is old content. That coffer has trash potions and since everyone can see it, it isn't really "exploitable."

My thoughts are to leave it be! If you can, please look this over and if it's not really a bug (or action won't be taken), drop it in the not a bug, or working as intended forum. I feel kind of guilty for noticing it so felt I should report it :-(. Note, I didn't open the coffer!