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    unable to transfer character because of ceremony invitation despite deleting all

    When submitting a bug report, please use the below template and thoroughly fill out the necessary information.

    Date & Time: 11/9/18
    Frequency: Always
    World name: Gilgamesh
    World destination: Lamia
    Character name: Skittles'n Mms
    Retainer name: Shontotto/Leboop
    NPC name:
    Monster name:
    Party or solo:
    In-game time:
    Area and coordinates:
    1.Attempt to transfer worlds unsuccessful. Edit "
    - This character or one of its retainers is in possession of a ceremony invitation."
    2. Checked all inventories (retainer, my own, saddlebags mails etc.) I do not have a ceremony invitation anywhere on this character.
    3. Need to transfer to join my friends..
    *Add more steps if necessary

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