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Date & Time: Nov, 8 1:00 AM - present
Frequency: Always
World name: Sargatanas
Character name: Chotchito Burrito
Retainer name: n/a
NPC name: can't log in so i don't know
Monster name:n/a
Class/Level: 70
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: n/a
Area and coordinates: Kugane (leaving instance)
Housing: n/a
1. accepted unlock quest in kugane
2. talked to npc that would teleport me to the next part
3. game crashed while instancing
4. Whenever i try and log in to that character now i sit in a loading screen for a few seconds and then the game crashes.
5. i can create new characters and log in to them with no problems.

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: Xfinity
- Modem maker/model number: n/a

■ PC Specs

To obtain the system information, open the FFXIV launcher and select Config → System Information → Display.

-=-=-=-=- System Information -=-=-=-=-


Laptop Model Name: n/a
Laptop Model Number: n/a

Gamepad Manufacturer: n/a
Gamepad Model Name: n/a
Gamepad Part Number: n/a

Browser Information
- Name and version of the browser currently in-use: Firefox 63.0.1 64-bit
- Internet Explorer Version: n/a