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The Logos Action called Wisdom of the Martialist does not increase the damage of magic damage done by tanks, such as Paladin's Holy Spirit or Dark Knight's Abyssal Drain. The tooltip does state that it only increases physical damage, so this is not a bug per se, but more of an oversight.

Date & Time:
Frequency: always
World name: n/a
Character name: n/a
Retainer name: n/a
NPC name: n/a
Monster name: any
Class/Level: any
Party or solo: either
In-game time: n/a
Area and coordinates: n/a
Housing: no
1. Use the Logos Action called Wisdom of the Martialist.
2. Use any magical attack.

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: n/a
- Modem maker/model number: n/a

■ PC Specs

To obtain the system information, open the FFXIV launcher and select Config → System Information → Display.

-=-=-=-=- System Information -=-=-=-=-


Laptop Model Name: n/a
Laptop Model Number: n/a

Gamepad Manufacturer: n/a
Gamepad Model Name: n/a
Gamepad Part Number: n/a

Browser Information
- Name and version of the browser currently in-use:
- Internet Explorer Version: n/a


■ PS4 Specs

Model Number of the PlayStation®4 You Are Using
- Model Number: n/a

Model Number of the PlayStation®Vita You Are Using
- Model Number: n/a

Information About the Peripherals You Are Using
-Type: n/a
-Maker: n/a
-Model Number: n/a