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    Hi-Cordial right before switching areas does not register while flying

    Date & Time: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 @ 1:01 p.m. CST
    Frequency: Able to replicate all 3 times
    World name: Faerie
    Character name: Yui Tenshi
    Class/Level: BTN/70
    Party or solo: Solo
    In-game time: 5:32 p.m. Eorza Time
    Area and coordinates: The Fringes ( 31.1, 10.3 ) into Rhalgar's Reach ( 10.5, 14.2 )
    1. Flying towards another area.
    2. Right before/as you hit the blue area line, pop Hi-Cordial and continue to next area.
    3. Hi-Cordial register as used my log windows says:
    You use a vial of hi-cordial.
    -> You recover 400 GP.
    4. GP never actually recovered but item is used and on cooldown.

    Connection Specs
    - Type of internet connection/provider: CenturyLink/DSL
    - Modem maker/model number: Actiontec C1100Z
    - Connection speed: 40.5 Mbps (down) / 4 Mbps (up)

    ■ PS4 Specs

    Model Number of the PlayStation®4 You Are Using
    - Model Number: PS4 Pro / CUH-7015B
    - Internal Hard Drive: WD Blue 1TB Internal SATA Solid State Drive

    ■ Screenshot

    Captured via PS4 Remote Play

    ■ Other Notes

    No lag all day.
    Walking into another area while using doesn't have a problem. So it might be speed of flying is too fast for item use checks and application.
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