Date & Time: November 6 2018
Frequency: All the time
World name: All Worlds
Character name: Hezkezl Mewrilah
Retainer name: N/A
NPC name: N/A
Monster name: N/A
Class/Level: BLM/70
Party or solo: Solo
In-game time: 11pm
Area and coordinates: All Areas
1. Head to a nearby market board
2. Search for "Ala Mhigan Weave"
3. Notice two items having the same name, and the same icon. But having different descriptions, and different Item ID#'s...
4. Wonder what this means for the Recipes that were changed from needing the Ala Mhigan Fiber to Ala Mhigan Weave... Was it an accident?
5. Wonder if this was a communication issue between the Localization team and the Item team?

Connection Specs
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- Modem maker/model number: N/A

Longer description:

I noticed that some Recipes were changed from needing 'Ala Mhigan Fiber' and instead now require 'Ala Mhigan Weave'. Except... there's already an item that is called 'Ala Mhigan Weave'... Item ID#21083. I looked at the items, and noticed that Fiber had been renamed to Weave. Item ID#22464 already existed with the name 'Ala Mhigan Weave', so now when you search the market board there are two items (see included picture)...

Looking at the JP files... the names there are different.

Item ID#21083 : "アラミガンファイバー" (Ala Mhigan Fiber)
Item ID#22464: "アラミゴ織" (Ala Mhigan Weave).

I can only assume someone on the localization team renamed this by accident, as #21083's original name in English before this patch, was "Ala Mhigan Fiber"

Please revert the name change for Item#21083!