Today i had the 7.28 update installed on my ps4. I logged in and went about my business, i reached the quest One Life One World, the one you have to fight the warriors of darkness. The fight starts without problems and at some point the warrior of darkness (the dude with the bloody axe) says NO MORE GAMES and at that point i get the error 90002 and the game disconnects me. I've tried it a LOT of times and it keeps happening at the same moment no matter what i do. Everything else works fine. I restarted my router, modem whatever. Restarted the ps4 i tried everything still no results. My internet connection is perfect, no latency. ALL other games like WoW work fine without a single issue. Even FF14 works great, all but that quest.

Date & Time: 06.11.2018 14:53
World name: Zodiark
Character name: Oraion Vlarox
Class/Level: Samurai 61

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: WiFi

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Model Number of the PlayStation®4 You Are Using
- Model Number: PS4 Pro