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    Limsa Lominsa - White Lines, Dashes and Blotches

    When in specific areas of Limsa Lominsa, white artifacts will occur. They appear as dashes, lines, and shapeless blotches. Often they are in a line and constantly blinking. Some details:
    • I have reproduced this on a PS4 w/a 1080p display, a PC running GTX 1080 cards and a 4k display, and another PC running a QUADRO 5500 and completely different internet connection.
    • I've experienced it with multiple different HDMI cables.
    • I have switched between DirectX11 and 9c and it persists.
    • I have tweaked every display setting from full Maximum to minimum, one at a time and they persist throughout all.
    • The glitches are static, they are always in the same place.
    • They can be seen clearly to the right of the Arcanist Guild aethernet. They can also be seen when standing around the Jeweler station by the Market Board in Limsa Lominsa, right by the main plaza. I.e. the most populated area.
    • I've determine population however is not the cause. I've seen them in the stairway leading down inside the Arcanists' Guild (which is typically an empty area).
    • I do not see them outside of Limsa Lominsa so it appears limited to that area.
    • I am able to see them from different accounts.
    • I am able to see them on different servers.

    Based on the above testing (I've tested the heck out of this because they're driving me mad), I've determined that:
    • The glitches appear regardless of HW used. A PS4 with Radeon, a PC with Nvidia, 4K monitor, 1080p monitor, completely different internet connections (both at 1gb/s, no lag present)... they occur.
    • The glitches appear regardless of Display Settings. I've tried all of them.
    • The glitches appear with DX 9c & 11 and OpenGL (PS4) so are not related to that.
    • They are static. They appear in the same areas that I mentioned. My guess is there are many more areas.

    I noticed these around 2 years ago when I first started playing. They were really bad. I quit. I came back a month ago and they are still there.

    I made a Youtube video showing them a few days ago:

    They start appearing to the right of my character in a blinking diagonal line. Note, they don't look so bad on the video, but in the game with a large monitor they are more prominent.
    Confirmed locations thus far (likely many others):

    - Area surrounding Market board and Jeweler in the Limsa shopping area nearest to the main plaza (where the city Aethernet is).
    - Area to the right of the Arcanists' Guild Aethernet if facing it with the wall against it.
    - Culinarian's Guild, noticed while crafting by fireplace.
    - Stairway leading to the Arcanists' Guild basement.
    - Likely many more; if you really need coordinates I can hunt them down; let me know.

    I did research and found others with this identical issue from 8 months ago:

    In this particular case, it is a solid white line that appears near the summoning bell in the general area. I've experienced solid white lines too. It is the same issue. There is also another Youtube video in that thread showing it. A lot of people experience this.

    If you need any additional information, please let me know. For me, the glitch is a deal-breaker and I'm stopping playing until it is resolved. That sounds crazy but I spend a lot of time in Limsa Lominsa precisely where they are and they drive me crazy. On top of that a couple of years back I swapped out a graphics card thinking it was defective because of this. This glitch cost me money :-( ... please have someone fix it, they are showing in the most populated area of the game.

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